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At least twice a year, DSCR hosts a supplier round table to which each supplier sends a representative.
Most of the financial basket cases in the supplier industry are Tier Ones, and it is not clear that some of them will be able to successfully cope with this new industry structure.
Outsourcing inevitably creates suspicion and distrust with employees and incumbent suppliers alike.
ASPI was formed in the mid 1930s by a small group of supplier executives.
In return, our suppliers like ASI provide us with innovative solutions and a wealth of fresh approaches.
Having a single supplier enablement solution solves a key customer pain point for catalogue creation and updating.
In cases where a distributor has made a substantial investment of time, money of effort to develop a market for a supplier's products, courts have imposed restrictions on a supplier's right to terminate its distributor even if the supplier has terminated in accordance with the agreement--indeed, even if the distributor has breached the contract.
Pricing Information -- A list or catalogue of products and prices is sent by the supplier to its purchaser.
Unlike ISO 9000, however, the company/consultants that help a supplier develop a QS 9000 assessment program, cannot conduct or provide the assessment and registration.
If you trade with a supplier who's consistently late or sends the confirmation to the wrong place, not only can yo not achieve your control objective in a highly risky area, but you also incur rework costs as you chase and reroute documents.
The newest twin-screw supplier, Century Specialties, just introduced its first machine after eight years of making replacement screws, shafts, and barrels for machines from W&P, Leistritz, and APV.
Lutz today outlined an incentive program that encourages its biggest suppliers to place at least 5 percent of their business with minority-owned automotive suppliers.
The narrow margins of global competition mandate the tightest possible supplier relationship.
The results of Global Sources' latest supplier survey, summarizing price, product, production and R&D trends for the next 12 months
With the continued troubles at Ford and General Motors and the periodic announcements of another major supplier going bankrupt (e.