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humbly entreating

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Have mercy upon me' of Psalm 51:1 and elsewhere became the supplicatory imperative, Miserere.
Specifically, Kirkpatrick (1992) cited supplicatory prayer, attendance at church to experience closeness to God, and glossolalia (likened to infant babbling and demonstrating a need for confidence and security, although or it could also be likened to more erotic or intimate connections) as examples of behaviours related to religious attachment.
21) The unsettling reality of poverty's extent (especially in Africa) should lead to intense supplicatory and intercessory prayers to God.
Highly recommended reading, Mary, Worthy Of All Praise: Reflections On The Virgin Mary is a devotional compilation of the Paraklesis which is a supplicatory song (also appropriate for times of illness and distress), a canon of praise, a collection of eight odes of love, as well as a series of poems allied with scripture readings useful in both personal meditation and communal celebration.
In an interesting parallel to Zelda, he found that most early modern Yiddish female writers of ethical works and supplicatory prayers (tkhines) were of rabbinic descent.
Unable to live on the income provided by Kraushaar's sale of his works, he was often desperate for money and wrote supplicatory letters to his dealer to elicit further support.
Not much is to be gained by ringing postmodern changes on the open supplicatory gestures of the Chancery petition form, a formal falling to the knees through phrases like "meekly beseecheth," "humbly showeth," "poor orator," "gracious lord".
Evidently his early verse offering his love to her is supplicatory and idealizing.
But if the language is crisply accusatory, the question has a supplicatory element, while the conditional form crederei applied to his contemplated apostasy suggests a certain hesitation over the gravity of such a sacrifice, even in the cause of love.
Yet keying codes was also a supplicatory gesture, Ruskin's invitation for the self to be "read" and cracked open.
Some regard us as secularizing sacred experiences, as raising the possibility that religious experiences, including supplicatory prayer, visions, ecstasy, and so on, will all be explainable as a combination of known psychobiology plus some additional mental force that is not necessarily spiritual in nature.