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humbly entreating

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The tone of these letters is in the large notably more confident and less supplicatory (especially in letters to Henry VIII); and Margaret herself often qualifies her more direct and forthright usage through superficial apologies for writing 'plainly' (as also seen in the letter extract directly above).
In Asante utterance, public performance demands clear speech (kasa duru) that is spoken in a low, nasalized tone to indicate supplicatory seriousness.
Ache," a supplicatory R&B stomper that begins with the line I'll come when you ask me, slows down the violent gesticulations of a gas mask-wearing krumping dancer until it looks like he's writhing in pain.
The emblem of Osanyin is usually kept in a room in puppet form, which the priest manipulates by means of ventriloquism during consultation, when the priest addresses the tutelary divinity in supplicatory tones.
8) Today we tend to distinguish between magic, interested in 'effective results', and religion, which is supplicatory, but this was not the case in the past.
I have proposed here that some Toraja examples stand out as having a more declarative than supplicatory character, stating rather than requesting the desired future outcome, and even projecting it through the description of a dream, itself a portent of the future.
The urgency it finally announces would seem to coincide with the almost supplicatory desire of the former death captain, who wants to "hold still and watch the birds"--even, it would seem, as those birds inevitably fall to the ground.
1447), is distinctive among such supplicatory writing for the unusual extent of its ornamentation.
Thus at the moment of its appearance in the cage, Brooke has the dog seek "mercy" from the "lordly brute" "in supplicatory attitudes," acknowledging the lion's "superior power.
The poem also serves as a fitting introduction to "The Hound of Heaven" with its supplicatory tone and the poet's cry for help from what he considers a predestined fall from grace.
Groves is at her most exciting and innovative in her identification of Shakespearian visual tableaux that bear a powerful similarity to medieval religious drama: for instance, she argues convincingly that the grouping at the end of Measure for Measure of the "muffl'd" Claudio, the kneeling Isabella and Mariana and the Duke, acting as a Christ-like disposer of life and death, would have mapped onto recollections of Lazarus, raised from the dead by Christ, and his supplicatory sisters Mary and Martha.
Although not the largest (24) or the richest in gilding, our cross is united with these in its scale, method of manufacture and in the basic distribution of its decoration, with a deeds on the front, emphasising its supplicatory nature, and more individual subject matter shown in niello and gold on the reverse.
Indeed, the condition of liberalism could be the dictionary definition of precariousness itself: utterly dependent on the system and its rules, always in a supplicatory and petitioning relation to it, wanting to have its voice heard, but certainly never willing to overthrow it.
Have mercy upon me' of Psalm 51:1 and elsewhere became the supplicatory imperative, Miserere.
For these reasons, I came to see the tawassul as the most authoritative supplicatory prayer for private and communal performance in West Java.