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Synonyms for supplication

Synonyms for supplication

an earnest or urgent request

the act of praying

Synonyms for supplication

a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service

a humble request for help from someone in authority


the act of communicating with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or contrition or thanksgiving)

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The man's embarrassing supplications were for the inheritors of the Nakumatt space to give him a job.
Even in England and other countries the whole planet over in which English has developed into the mother tongue and - as in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - even as the language of commerce, education, government, industry and supplication to the denizen of heaven, the word paid is known to almost every English speaker only as the past tense form of the verb to pay, which means to part with some hard value in order to acquire an equivalent value, whether hard or 'soft'.
In a sermon after the prayer, Dr Sheikh Thaqeel al Shammari urged the worshippers to repent, ask Allah for forgiveness, avoid sedition and make supplication to Almighty Allah for rainfall.
CLOSE to two million people from around the world have begun performing the rites of the Islamic hajj pilgrimage, entering into a state of physical and spiritual purity and circling the cube-shaped Kaaba with their palms facing upward in supplication and prayer.
Many of the roughly 2 million pilgrims taking part in this year's hajj will climb a hill called Jabal al-Rahma, or mountain of mercy, in Arafat and spend time there in supplication.
Minister Al-Sanea told KUNA that Kuwaiti pilgrims have smoothly completed their transition from Mina valley to Mount Arafa where they are going to climb the mount and spend some time in supplication.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department has instructed all imams and scholars in the mosques of the emirate to give supplication for the UAE soldiers martyred in Yemen on a daily basis until further notice.
The celebration included a supplication to the Almighty Allah by all employees to bless His Majesty the Sultan, wishing him good health and a long life.
People are swaying slowly, eyes raised in supplication, anticipating the presence of Rabbi Moshe Leib Rabinovich, the Munkatcher Rebbe, who is known for his selfless devotion to all who come asking for a favor, comfort, or advice.
Puppet-like he nods his head in supplication to Chief Constable Chris Sims, like the servant he is - but not as he should be, as the duly elected representative of the people.
It also includes transliterations, as well as translations for each supplication.
that of the congregation, The days of solemn supplication piling up.
Merhebi reiterated his supplication for the army to deploy throughout the northern and eastern borders of Lebanon, assigning responsibility for what takes place at the border to the command of the army.
Imam of El-Thawrah mosque, Judge Mahgoub Haroun, has spoken in Friday prayer , calling on the Muslims to seize the last ten day of the holy month of Ramadan in their prayers and supplication to Allah to realize peace in Darfur.
lie across the floor in supplication and intricate slyness just like a