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  • verb

Synonyms for supplicate

to make an earnest or urgent request

to offer a reverent petition to God or a god


Words related to supplicate

ask humbly (for something)

make a humble, earnest petition

Related Words

ask for humbly or earnestly, as in prayer

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6) `What were you feeling when your mother was holding out her breast to supplicate you?
They innovate supplications which have not been mentioned by the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and they supplicate to Allah with them.
It is desired for the person who visits the sick to supplicate for them to be cured and to make them feel at ease.
Often he doesn't need to say anything to former colleagues, let alone supplicate before them.
A person may supplicate Allah for himself, his parents, children, relatives and all those who are dear to him from among the Muslims.
The Saudi leader exhorted all the faithful across the country to perform the Istisqa prayers and supplicate Allah the Almighty for rain.
So they said: Nothing can rescue you from this rock except that you supplicate to Allah by mentioning righteous deeds you have done.
Pilgrims, including the elderly and women, were climbing the mount and trying to secure a good location to pray and supplicate.
We used to pray, supplicate, fast, say Zikr, give charity, visit relatives and friends, and be nicer to people till a few days back.
I denounce in strongest terms this terror attack, supplicate to Almighty Allah to bestow His mercy and forgiveness on the martyrs of duty and I wish loyal security men who sustained injuries a fast recovery.
First: The virtue of the Night of Al-Qadr and the keenness of ''ishah, the Mother of the Believers to witness it, offer voluntary prayers in it and supplicate to Allh in it.
You should advise him and if he refuses to listen, just be patient and supplicate against him," said the imam of JamJoum Mosque.
6- Finally, supplicate Allh The Almighty humbly and sincerely on behalf of those who are nonobservant from among your relatives, colleagues or others.
Other leading Saudi scholars have previously issued fatwas asking people not to supplicate against non-Muslims.
He added that all segments of the Bahrain society supplicate to Allah Almighty to grant HRH Premier continuous good health and happiness so as to carry on serving the Bahraini people and the Arab and Islamic nations.