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Synonyms for supplicant

one who humbly entreats

Synonyms for supplicant

someone who prays to God

one praying humbly for something

humbly entreating

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Upon successful authentication, the master gateway and a supplicant gateway will initiate a 3-way handshake that results in deriving PTK (Pairwise Transient Key) for unicast communications and GTK (Group Transient Key) for multicast communications.
Robin O'Ryan, assistant to Richard Fahey, trainer of Tatlisu, Arctic Feeling, Boy In The Bar and Supplicant Tatlisu ran disappointingly at Ascot.
It usually takes a season or two for smart two-year-olds to find their feet again and Supplicant could have a big year.
30pm) the Richard Fahey-trained SUPPLICANT - ridden by Ryan Moore - can gain compensation for his narrow defeat to Extortionist in the Windsor Castle Stakes at Royal Ascot.
Meanwhile, shadow local government minister Stewart Jackson, a member of David Cameron's top team, was accused of insulting Scotland after he described the nation as a "a supplicant part of the UK, relying on English taxes to fund its lifestyle".
In playing his part to help Euripides' Supplicant Women share the spotlight with the Greek tragedian's better-known plays, Storey (ancient history and classics, Trent U.
Statements from other Iranian officials, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all seem designed to cast America in the role of supplicant.
In Beijing, Riyadh, or Moscow, however, the same CEO is a supplicant.
Supine on a cold bed, part supplicant, part sacrifice.
Contrasting backgrounds often distinguish the heavenly and earthly spheres, while a triangular interaction links them, as the supplicant appeals to the mediatrix, who in turn petitions the Christ child.
I'm sure there's an excuse I haven't heard but I always ask the supplicant why he doesn't have one of his own.
The second half describes an example implementation on Cisco devices and walks through scenarios where visitors connect to the network, users connect to a foreign network, devices cannot function as a supplicant, and IP telephony is added.
In both instances, the female supplicant who <<desired>> to be married was a minor, and therefore the couple needed a dispensation from the defect of age, defectus aetatis (24).
I am a supplicant today with my hand out,'' Villaraigosa said as he entered the office of Rep.
Turning organized religion into yet another money-seeking supplicant to the federal trough through political favoritism doesn't help those seeking clean government or spiritual growth.