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Synonyms for suppliant

one who humbly entreats

Synonyms for suppliant

humbly entreating

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Forty females aged from 16 and 26 will play the play The Suppliant Women, eight men aged 18 to 40 will play soldiers and men and women aged 25 to 60 will play citizens.
sacrificed his own body to Durga for the sake of a Brahmin suppliant.
BARRY GORDON | The Suppliant Women is at the Royal Lyceum until October 15.
the arrival of the suppliants, their distress often communicated by dress or body language, adoption of an inferior attitude to the supplicated (often kneeling), physical contact [touching the chin or knees (.
I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should hear My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.
That ban evolved to include the god's human subjects: if you drag a suppliant from my altar and cut his throat, I will make you pay.
Suppliant presque, les passants d'acheter sa marchandise.
After an informative introduction, Tzanetou uses the Eumenides in chapter 1 to introduce the primary themes she sees in the suppliant plays--voluntary submission to Athenian power in return for benefits to the ally and, simultaneously, integration of a hostile and/or polluted enemy as a benefactor and defender of the city.
The suppliant does not doubt that there is a Listener.
Christ inhabits the character of the guilty suppliant from the tragedies, but from a standpoint of complete personal innocence, adding to the position's pathos.
Like the priest of Oedipus Rex and Father Gapon in Saint Petersburg, the Jeanne d'Arc of Mystere de la Charite and Le Porche de Mystere de la Deuxieme Vertu is a suppliant, one whose demand is for human solidarity.
La veille de Cham El-Nessim, au soir de la Paque, un grand bucher etait allume et le commandeur y jetait ses vetements ecarlates tout en suppliant le printemps d'arriver.
While Apollo confidently declares that his suppliant is just, the Furies seem to have perhaps an even better argument that he is not.
Aeschylus: Persians: destruction of Persian forces; Seven Against Thebes: attack on Thebes; Suppliant Women: killing of husbands; Oresteia: familial murders; Prometheus Bound: violent punishment.