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Synonyms for suppliant

one who humbly entreats

Synonyms for suppliant

humbly entreating

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that pale suppliant fell Faint with the anguish of his wound, whose pangs Stabbed him through brain and heart, yea, quivered through His very bones, for that fierce venom crawled Through all his inwards with corrupting fangs; And his life fainted in him agony-thrilled.
Christ inhabits the character of the guilty suppliant from the tragedies, but from a standpoint of complete personal innocence, adding to the position's pathos.
Like the priest of Oedipus Rex and Father Gapon in Saint Petersburg, the Jeanne d'Arc of Mystere de la Charite and Le Porche de Mystere de la Deuxieme Vertu is a suppliant, one whose demand is for human solidarity.
La veille de Cham El-Nessim, au soir de la Paque, un grand bucher etait allume et le commandeur y jetait ses vetements ecarlates tout en suppliant le printemps d'arriver.
Oh, sir,' would plead the suppliant porter--suppliant, yet semi-imperative (for equally if he did, and if he did not, show fight, the poor man's daily 5s.
Les cris d'Ilia repercutes par les galeries oU elle meurt emprisonnee] fustigeaient Nicolas, le suppliant de rester avec elle, lui faisant entrevoir un monde enchante qu'ils auraient pu creer parmi ces rocs sourds pour y vivre ensemble cote a cote, comme ils l'avaient toujours ete (.
Thus, a Suppliant below on earth begins to ascend this Ladder of Desire, "Climbing thro' Night's highest noon" ("Keys," no.
The poems are akin to 'slight water-colour sketches' that palely suggest 'a soft emergence of changing moods' and are, graced by 'a passionate humbleness, a suppliant pride under pain.
When John Frygon, parson of St Mary's Church in Exeter (Devon) was arrested on a "false" indictment of rape, his bill notes that he was "in his church attending his cure," "being in God's peace and the king's" when "evil-disposed persons of their malice and evil disposition not only against your suppliant but against other priests and curates in Exeter and the county" arrived at the church to arrest him and escort him to the prison of Exeter, where he was still resident at the time the bill was written.
They go back to sounding suppliant ("Sister, you can send me"), and the nun bangs on the table again: "The one that gets it must know how to manage a house and take care of a sick twenty-year-old child.
The boy prayed, stretching forth his arms in suppliant fashion, and spoke as follows: 'I have no portion in your gifts Asklepios Paian, but have pity on me.
The epiphany reminds the mortal that he has been seeing things wrongly and needs a new perspective; Lucius needs to move under the protection of providence, the Jewish suppliant needs to pay close attention to God's law.
The Palestine Papers--leaked documents detailing the Palestinian Authority's suppliant efforts to negotiate an independent state with Israel's previous government--had been released only days before, but they were already old news.
Count me forever as debtor and suppliant and aspirant to what you are.