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Synonyms for supplement



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Synonyms for supplement

something that completes another


a subordinate element added to another entity

to supply what is lacking

Synonyms for supplement

textual matter that is added onto a publication

a quantity added (e

add as a supplement to what seems insufficient

serve as a supplement to

add to the very end

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The Marginal Value of Credits for Sinks and Supplementarity Constraints
Or to put it differently, there is no "original" which is not also a translation -- ajointed to a prior text which lives on with it, because of it; indebted for its own life to another text which returns to life as a result of it; calling for a complementarity and supplementarity which it also gives.
27) Proponents of supplementarity argue that carbon offsets are a means of escaping or postponing real reductions.
Following upon Derrida's analysis above, one could say that incest in this regard is ultimately another name for the general opening of self-relation or self-difference in the "age of supplementarity," a way to speak of that "unspeakable" moment of eclipse of an original self-presence that could never take place.
This propensity for supplementarity Truewit mercilessly exploits in the scene immediately following, when, in a seemingly infinite series of "ors," "ands," and "ifs," he tortures Morose with tales of, significantly enough, feminine vices.
If (to address first the last possibility), instead of female lack, we reread in its place female supplementarity, or female construction, as the masquerade chapter suggests, are we not even more firmly fixed by the (phallic) logic of the fetish?
If it was the temporal and spatial supplementarity of Erlebnisdichtung that had driven Goethe to Italy, it was the derealization of experience--of sexual experience in particular--that allowed him to leave Rome and redefine his position in Weimar.
The elements are always already supplements: elementarity is an elemental supplementarity.
Thus, at the heart of the supplementarity of the home is the figure of the uninvited visitor, the one who invades this sacred zone of feminine and vulnerable bodies--women and children, of course--who crosses the threshold of the home in the name of friendship but who violates their bodies without impunity.
This excess above and beyond the living, whose life has absolute value by being worth more than life, more than itself--this, in short, is what opens the space of death that is linked to the automaton (exemplarily "phallic"), to technics, the machine, the prosthesis: in a word, to the dimensions of the auto-immune and self-sacrificial supplementarity, to this death drive that is silently at work in every community, every autoco-immunity, constituting it as such in its iterability, its heritage, its spectral tradition.
The EU's basic position has not changed - the main sticking points are still carbon sinks and supplementarity.
4) In a persuasive and insightful deconstructive reading of The Ambassadors, Julie Rivkin, employing what Derrida refers to as "`the logic of supplementarity,'" argues rather forcefully that what I refer to as the permutations of Strether's subjectivity are "supplementations," a manifestation of the "logic of delegation" which governs the entire novel's narrative structure; in Rivkin's words, a "principle" of "displacement .
In this regard, it is more fruitful to conceive of the modern and postmodern not in traditional oppositional terms but rather in terms of a logic of supplementarity (Derrida 1976) whereby the presence of the Other is implicitly recognized as the very condition for the articulation of the One.
By positing an inner dramatic center in competition with a hostile outer force, Halkhoree correctly, but unwittingly, suggests that the laws of supplementarity elaborated by Derrida inform the relationship between peasant and nobleman, center and margin.
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