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Synonyms for supplement



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Synonyms for supplement

something that completes another


a subordinate element added to another entity

to supply what is lacking

Synonyms for supplement

textual matter that is added onto a publication

a quantity added (e

add as a supplement to what seems insufficient

serve as a supplement to

add to the very end

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The relationship of the nameless hiker, who dies as soon as he enters the hut, to the protagonist further emphasizes this uneasy tension and necessary absence immanent in supplementarity, for death both completes life as well as makes an addition to a life through a heightened awareness of what life holds.
Bertha's incontrovertible indeterminacy, then, remains, and indeed becomes the primary marker of her racial and discursive identity in the text; and it is precisely this undecidable inscription, this neither/nor by which the intrinsic supplementarity of the figure is engaged and extended, that ultimately undermines both Jane's metropolitan subjectivity and the converse contours of Caribbean difference.
Using Derrida's discussion of supplementarity as a means of illuminating how the material of the afterword/acknowledgements functions within historical fiction, this paper will examine the ways in which these paratextual devices expand on, conflict with, and further complicate the issues of absence and presence with which a novelistic narrative of history engages.
Measured against this contingent cultural provision in matters of ritual sacrifice, Quayson's submission on the notion of supplementarity as exemplified in Olunde leaves much for further Yoruba cultural reading of the play to posit that
During the negotiations at The Hague and earlier, the United States justified its insistence on including sinks and its opposition to supplementarity constraints on the basis of claims that these approaches would bring large reductions in mitigation costs for the United States and other parties.
Thus, rather than seeking to recover and restore monologic Truth within a hierarchy of absolute narrative value, Friel describes the past as an adulterated text in which contradictory narratives coexist in a relationship of unstable supplementarity that inherently challenges the monologic view of personal history.
resorts repeatedly to supplementarity and to profusion of terms in its
in other words, the binary of colonizer/colonized is no longer understood as existing in a hierarchical relation but, rather, as in a relation of (Derridean) supplementarity.
Though there is no doubt of my preference, my intention here has not been to privilege the one Frame as being more authentic than the other, but rather to suggest that these two Frames exist in a relationship of supplementarity to each other.
His introduction to the volume on Murnane establishes a baseline of three principles after Derrida: supplementarity (incompletion), dissemination (change during transmission), and the grand difference itself.
This more--this supplementarity of feeling and killing--both promises to metaphysically enhance techniques of security and renders the animals who supply this surplus prone to its internal contradictions.
The final or extra "O" then could be read as supplementarity in Costello or as ellipsis in Coetzee, grammatical ellipsis itself being a form of substitution in which an item is replaced by nothing.
This creates complications for managing Kyoto-projects offsets since these national supplementarity targets could be exceeded if firms regulated under the EU ETS were allowed to purchase CERs and ERUs without limit.
Imbued with a similar if much less intense sense of the critical power of supplementarity, D'Israeli eschews its striking physical embodiment--his notes are relatively restrained--but he constantly insists on and protects the supplementary status of practices of miscellany.
This propensity for supplementarity Truewit mercilessly exploits in the scene immediately following, when, in a seemingly infinite series of "ors," "ands," and "ifs," he tortures Morose with tales of, significantly enough, feminine vices.
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