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Synonyms for supplementary

Synonyms for supplementary

Synonyms for supplementary

functioning in a supporting capacity

added to complete or make up a deficiency


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The psychiatrist who conducted the examination is questioned supplementarily.
are often only indirectly or supplementarily concerned with innocence.
East Asian consumers have many cultural preferences, concurrently or supplementarily consuming American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other culture-related products.
The Meaning of General Economy," a chapter from Bataille's The Accursed Share, is supplementarily turned into the language of the spinning glitter ball light via Morse code--something Evans has already done, in a previous version of Cleave, with the writings of William Blake.
The most serious of these is that it fails to distinguish appropriately between the existence of things on the one hand and the obtaining of facts on the other,(2) and supplementarily also between specifically substantival facts regarding existing things, and nonsubstantival facts regarding states of affairs that are bound to particular things.
Folded into the argumentation are ideas coming from strategically selected voices in musicology such as Knepler, McClary, Nattiez, all used quite supplementarily, with more extensive analysis and application reserved for the work of Meyer and Zuckerkandl.
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