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Synonyms for supplemental

forming or serving as a complement

Synonyms for supplemental

functioning in a supporting capacity

added to complete or make up a deficiency

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In addition to Elkin's keynote engagement, three Supplemental Health Care executives are slated to participate on other panels.
A thorough review of the evidence found that the use of supplemental oxygen resulted in improved exercise tolerance, decreased work of breathing, decreased dynamic hyperventilation as well as a decrease in breathlessness in individuals that demonstrated decreases in blood oxygen saturation (Sp[O.
Citing the disincentive to accepting deposits and its impact on net worth, NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz has expressed her support for supplemental capital.
This Supplemental Prospectus supplements, updates and forms
The Kelbys challenged the third supplemental notice of determination in Tax Court.
Industry trends forecast a continued shortage of full-time employees, particularly in nursing, and research indicates that supplemental staffing is becoming an essential healthcare strategy," said Beth Pickard, president and CEO at AtStaff.
But instead of working through the regular appropriations process, Congress is hiding behind "emergency" supplemental bills.
When the TM undergoes a revision, the cross-reference index is updated and the supplemental index goes away.
In fact, employers are turning to supplemental medical and other voluntary benefits, such as critical illness and accident insurance, to fill coverage gaps left by higher deductibles and co-payments, and to help employees meet non-covered out-of-pocket expenses.
We believe we have gotten great value from our supplemental pick by adding a player of Manuel's talent to our roster at the critical position of defensive line,'' Dolphins coach Nick Saban said.
Non-Title 1 schools are ineligible for NCLB funds for supplemental services to help improve test scores.
On April 11, 2005, TEI submitted comments to the Internal Revenue Service on proposed regulations relating to flat rate withholding on supplemental wages.
Siobhan Gorman's "Selling Supplemental Services" (Feature, Fall 2004) was informative and engaging, but, like much of the discussion on the subject, it furthers a theme that school districts are the "bad guys.
Chairman, Senator Byrd, members of the Committee, I welcome and appreciate this opportunity to support and describe the President's fiscal year 2005 supplemental budget request, as it relates to our diplomatic efforts.
There are generally two types of state prescription drug initiatives: Prescription drug benefit programs and supplemental rebate programs.
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