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Synonyms for supplemental

forming or serving as a complement

Synonyms for supplemental

functioning in a supporting capacity

added to complete or make up a deficiency

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Therefore, they should be shown as investments on the plan's financial statements and on the Supplemental schedule of assets held for investment.
Cigna (NYSE:CI) announced today it has completed its acquisition of Great American Supplemental Benefits from American Financial Group, Inc.
With 2011 premiums of USD300m and more than 200,000 current customer relationships, Great American Supplemental Benefits Group will now operate as Cigna Supplemental Benefits.
Our nation's credit unions must get access to supplemental capital; it can no longer be just a theory or a policy consideration.
The supplemental security update is available for Mac devices that are running OS X 10.
Investment firm Main Street Capital Corp (NYSE:MAIN) announced on Wednesday its semi-annual supplemental cash dividend of USD0.
Just over $63 billion of that figure was eligible for either defeasance or for incurring supplemental debt.
34 billion in supplemental budget to fund infrastructure programs in areas devastated by Supertyphoon "Yolanda" and the rehabilitation of the Light Rail Transit Lines 1 and 2 ahead of the country's Apec hosting duties in 2015.
The purposes of this position statement are to: (1) provide an overview of the impact of hypoxemia and the impact of appropriate supplemental oxygen delivery on function, (2) to discuss the benefits of supplemental oxygen use in a variety of patient/client groups, and (3) to present the role of physical therapy in the use of assessment and titration of supplemental oxygen in patients especially during activity, including legal implications of titration.
However, there are some in the system who are still unconvinced that supplemental capital is a good idea or argue that it contradicts the credit union mission from a philosophical perspective.
In addition to these standard Medicaid payments, most states make supplemental payments to certain providers, which are also matched by federal funds.
The Tax Court held that where a collection due process challenge results in the issuance of one or more supplemental notices of determination, the Tax Court is required to review only the final supplemental determination.
When a disaster strikes, lawmakers need prompt access to federal funds, which is provided by the supplemental spending process.
Given healthcare organizations reliance on supplemental staffing resources, AtStaff has introduced new ClairVia software, ClairVia eWork, that facilitates rapid access to external staff while optimizing safety standards, quality and cost control of supplemental employees.
Ellynne Woodson can't suppress a laugh when she recalls her encounters with her supplemental instructor.
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