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act of taking the place of another especially using underhanded tactics

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At that time, the interface was tasked primarily with supplanting the decade-old serial port, as well as ports like the PS/2 which are primarily used for pointing devices.
As the business world moves increasingly to e-commerce, such enterprise-class Unix systems are increasingly surrounding and supplanting IBM's venerated mainframes, according to new research published by the Robert Frances Group (RFG).
Jeffrey Escoffier, who has taught a course titled "Queer Theory and the Sociological Imagination" at the New School for Social Research in New York City, argues that by supplanting gay studies, queer theory has distanced gay and lesbian academics from their primary audience.
Though he devotes the second part of his book to fairly routine TV-bashing, Postman's real theme is the supplanting of an epistemology based on the printed word by one grounded in electronic media.
One of the refineries represents a new customer account, while the other represents an existing customer that has elected to expand Fuel Tech's program from one unit to four units by mid year, supplanting a competitive supplier.
West Los Angeles, evidently supplanting the plans of Tres Margaritas, an upscale Mexican restaurant slated for the former Primi site.
RiverOne recognizes that managing the dynamic relationships among supply chain partners with shared business processes is supplanting more traditional collaboration methods and rigid operating environments.
Ben Affleck replaces Harrison Ford, who made two Ryan movies after supplanting Alec Baldwin.
Advances in molecular imaging are prompting a rapid change in how we visualize disease processes and therapeutic interventions at the molecular level, supplanting purely structural information with valuable functional data.
com is the local favorite, sleeping less than five hours in three days in hopes of supplanting last year's winner in Borneo, Team Eco-Internet.
Digital images are supplanting film prints as more and more users begin to print from digital cameras rather than through film cameras," said Christopher Chute, senior analyst for Digital Imaging research at IDC.
The city's Fire Department has proposed supplanting its knowledgeable and effective two-man paramedic teams with a pair made up of a lesser-trained Emergency Medical Technician and a paramedic.
Advances will be driven by material enhancements that will continue to enable tapes to widen their scope of use by supplanting alternative joining and bonding systems in industrial assembly, packaging and other applications.