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ingestion of liquid food with a spoon or by drinking

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I merely wanted to ask if you'd do me the honour of supping with me tonight.
In addition to the formal evening and dinner parties, a large company, chiefly of men, gathered there every day, supping at midnight and staying till three in the morning.
Scarce a dozen, barring the Earl of Buckingham," replied the knave; "and, furthermore, there be a way to enter, which I may show you, My Lord, so that you may, unseen, reach the apartment where My Lady and the Earl be supping.
The two men who were supping together in the griliroom at the Cafe Milan were talking with a seriousness which seemed a little out of keeping with the rose-shaded lamps and the swaying music of the band from the distant restaurant.
my Lord Steyne supping at your house in Curzon Street with Mrs.