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Synonyms for suppertime

the customary or habitual hour for the evening meal


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YOU may not like the look of it, but wartime housewives would have peered jealously at my suppertime sheep's heart.
So for instance, if you're someone who doesn't eat breakfast, start your 24 hours at suppertime.
At suppertime, the men drag camp chairs around the fire.
If you wanted to you could leave them there at 9am and, apart from popping back to escort them to meals when the club is closed for an hour at lunch and suppertime, pick them up that night at midnight.
Eventually, the rain stopped and we fished until suppertime, fighting our way back to the lodge through the storm that still raged with unabated fury.
Sick of the topic as a suppertime one, I cynically included secondary syphilis in the differential diagnosis.
She asks if the whole family can take on each day's assignment at suppertime.
Mom will be fooled and not recognize her bath-needing son and dog at suppertime.
With palates becoming more acclimatised to heat, the Hot & Spicy range allows consumers to spice up suppertime and create the restaurant experience at home," says Patak's marketing controller Nic Yates.
I arrived in elk country around suppertime and immediately headed for the Knott County ATV Center outside the small town of Hindman.
Until 24-hour news became commonplace, television news was consumed late in the day during suppertime broadcasts.
Bunting that the Virginia Military Institute's suppertime prayer was unconstitutional: "Put simply, VMI's supper prayer exacts an unconstitutional toll on the consciences of religious objectors.
Recognising the need for meals to be made quick and easy without losing the quality of a scratch cook recipe, Tracy Hughes, Marketing Controller at AB World Foods says, "With consumers' palettes becoming more acclimatised to heat, the Hot & Spicy range allows consumers to 'spice up' up suppertime, recreating the restaurant experience at home, in only 30 minutes.
At suppertime, you'll gather with fellow campers in a sweeping dining pavilion to savor gourmet creations like sauteed quail with summer black truffles.
Eli brought it up again at suppertime, when Mom and Dad were home.