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Synonyms for supper



evening snack


  • evening snack
  • bite
  • bite to eat

Words related to supper

a light evening meal

a social gathering where a light evening meal is served

References in classic literature ?
I guess," said Felicity with dignity, "that Aunt Olivia's wedding supper will be good enough for even a Governor's wife.
A private dance, without sitting down to supper, was pronounced an infamous fraud upon the rights of men and women; and Mrs.
Upon making known our desires for a supper and a bed, Mrs.
It took us half an hour's hard labour, after that, before it was properly up, and then we cleared the decks, and got out supper.
that's impossible; they are two arrant scrubs, I warrant them; and I believe young Squire Allworthy guessed right, that the fellow intended to rob her ladyship; for, if he had broke open the lady's door with any of the wicked designs of a gentleman, he would never have sneaked away to another room to save the expense of a supper and a bed to himself.
He did not want to have to dress and go out to supper, but there was something almost pleading in the eyes that looked at him between the sharply-pointed knees.
As soon as he was warm he began to think it would be a long while to wait till after supper before he drew out his guineas, and it would be pleasant to see them on the table before him as he ate his unwonted feast.
I'll just go up there myself after supper and load the shot-gun and wait.
Ethan, supposing the discussion to be over, had turned to go down to supper.
The supper is completely served, and we shall eat it very well without waiters.
With it was effaced the last trace of the preceding night; and then supper, Sinbad, hashish, statues, -- all became a dream for Franz.
It was only a few steps up the hill, and they found themselves then in a supper place of a very different class.
He brought her to the Duchess and went back in a huff to finish his supper alone.
If you haven't got anything newer than that to say,' growled Mr Codlin, glancing at the clock, 'you'd better let us fix our minds upon the supper, and not disturb us.
Before supper, Prince Andrew, coming back to his father's study, found him disputing hotly with his visitor.