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evening snack


  • evening snack
  • bite
  • bite to eat

Words related to supper

a light evening meal

a social gathering where a light evening meal is served

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I haven't caught up with it recently because my children's routines mean it's bath-time or supper-time when it's on, so what I'm going to have to do is get the whole lot on box set from Christopher Eccleston onwards.
If a little of the joint can be put aside before roasting, the raw lamb can then be mixed with leeks and other vegetables to make a satisfying lunch or supper-time cawl with lots of crusty bread as meal number three.
Bahraini Nadia, 42, from Busaiteen, sells little bags, packets and jars of the spices to allow other families in the kingdom to savour the true flavour of a Bahraini supper-time and to support her family.
If supper-time at your house has more the ambience of a junior high school cafeteria than a chic cafe, read on.
Their recitals/concerts could be at noon, supper-time, Sunday afternoon or any other opportune time.
It was just a bad dream brought on by too much Swiss cheese at supper-time.
This week Nigella prepares an array of supper-time favourites to suit all tastes.
scrawlings not fitting our zesty supper-time national news
She was mildly offended that someone should make a pass at her and told us the story at supper-time.
Oh Cer," she said, one long journey, six baskets of washing and ironing, one lunch, grandchildren's pick-up, bath time, story-time, supper-time later.
It was bought on a whim a few weeks ago and has remained a supper-time favourite ever since.
5% alcohol by volume) is a silky-smooth supper-time beauty created with real dark chocolate and a blend of malts which melt into a memorable drinking experience.
Until Graeme Hick made supper-time entry with his 121st first-class century, the statistics stacked up against Worcestershire yesterday.
By supper-time the newsreaders blithely announce that the university no longer exists
With this in mind, the diet incorporates supper-time snacks that work to stimulate production of the sleep-inducing chemical serotonin.