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Synonyms for supine

Synonyms for supine

lying face upward


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offering no resistance

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A significant elongation between the PC line and the lowest point of the bladder was noted in subjects with cystocele comparing supine and standing images (p = 0.
In addition, such an aneurysm would be present in the erect and supine positions and would not be compressible.
The interface pressure profiles from the supine on bed (0[degrees] HOB) and suspension in sling positions were used to determine how each of the patient handling slings affected the participants' interface pressures.
It is important for the radiologist to recognise the supporting signs of pneumoperitoneum such as Rigler's sign and the football sign on supine abdominal radiographs, especially in neonates and infants where erect chest/abdominal radiographs are not always possible.
In the supine position, the %MVIC values of the IO, RA, MF, and ES muscles during the SBE were significantly higher than those during the BBE and NBE (p < 0.
Paired two-tailed t-tests or Wilcoxon signed-rank tests were used to compare variables in the supine and prone positions at 20 minutes.
Prone positioning is associated with a lower heart rate, except during sleep, when higher and less variable heart rates were observed in the prone position compared to the supine position.
The patient was able to safely eat and drink while in the supine position.
Interpretation and conclusions: The children with ADHD had decreased cardiac vagal modulation and tachycardia in supine positions with altered ability of dynamic activation of the autonomic nervous system in response to orthostasis indicating changes in the cardiac autonomic regulation.
We just flip the patient over" from the standard supine position to prone, she said in an interview.
Participants were to contract their abdominal muscles in a variety of positions including supine lying on a noodle, side-lying, sitting, sitting with unilateral and bilateral arm elevation, sitting with resisted unilateral and bilateral arm elevation, standing with unilateral and bilateral arm elevation, and standing with resisted unilateral and bilateral arm elevation, as described by Lee (2003).
The study demonstrated that a 135-degree body-thigh sitting posture, in which the hips are higher than the knees, causes less strain on the lumbar spine and most simulates the "relaxed" supine position, Dr.
We therefore examined diagnostic test performance for samples obtained from patients who were either supine or sitting.
For the lower body: while supine, raise legs to chest level.