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a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supination

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This study found that selected combinations of clinical findings that consisted of (1) gait deviation, (2) positive Hoffmann sign, (3) inverted supinator sign, (4) positive Babinski sign, and (5) patients older than 45 years were effective in ruling out and ruling in cervical spine myelopathy.
In looking closer at the biomechanical function of the separate heads of the biceps, Jarett and coworkers (18) found that the short head of the biceps was a more efficient supinator in the neutral and pronated positions of the forearm, whereas the long head was a more efficient supinator with the forearm in 60[degrees] of supination.
Radial tunnel syndrome can sometimes be hard to differentiate, since it is caused by compression of the posterior interosseous nerve passing between the superficial and deep parts of the supinator muscle (the arcade of Frohse).
On both ulnae, the crest that supports the supinator muscle (the muscle that turns the forearm when the elbow is straight) is pronounced.
The deep branch is more difficult to image because it arises from the radial nerve at the level of the neck of the radius and enters the posterior compartment by passing between the two heads of supinator (Figure 1a).
Muscles include deltoid posterior (DP), middle (DM), and anterial (DA), pectorelis major clavicle portion (PC), biceps brachii (BB) including biceps long (BBlh) and biceps short (BBsh) , triceps brachii (TB) including triceps lateral (TBlt), triceps long (TBlh) and triceps mid (TBmd), brachialis (BS), brachioradialis (BR), pronator teres (PT), supinator (SP) and pronator quadratus (PQ).
Two other important movements are pronation (palms-down), provided by the pronator teres, and supination (palms-up), provided by the small, deep supinator on the lateral side of the elbow.
If, for example, you place a pronator in a humid running climate in a highly-cushioned shoe built for a supinator, the shoe may only last 50 miles.
It demonstrated findings suggestive of posterior interosseus nerve injury and compression within the supinator muscle causing early muscle denervation (Figs.
The posterior interosseus nerve is a branch of the radial nerve just distal to the elbow joint and supplies the supinator muscle and extensors of the wrist and fingers.
Radiographs may exhibit irregularity of the radial tuberosity in chronic biceps tendon injuries, obliteration of the supinator fat stripe, or, rarely, acute avulsion fractures.
The radial artery arises as the smaller lateral branch of the brachial artery in the antecubital fossa and descends laterally under the brachioradialis, with the superficial radial nerve along its lateral side on the supinator and flexor pollicis longus muscles.
It functions as the primary supinator of the forearm and secondary elbow flexor, behind the brachialis.