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rotation of the hands and forearms so that the palms face upward


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This system was able to recognize seven motion classes: wrist flexion and extension, pronation and supination, hand open and closed, and no movement.
The K-wire was removed in six patients at 6-8 weeks with or without any evidence of radiological union because of the limitation of pronation and supination as the wire was fixed anteroposteriorly (saggital plane fracture).
The range of motion described by Dennison is similar to the results that we achieved in our series (flexion 52[degrees], extension 59[degrees], pronation 67[degrees], and supination 72[degrees]).
The range of motion at 6-month followup in conservative with respect to palmar flexion, dorsiflexion, supination, pronation, radial deviation, ulnar deviation were 65.
The talocalcaneal ligament thus becomes taunt in supination and eventually becomes inflamed and painful under stress.
Some authors propose the use of splints in maximum pronation and supination during the transition from passive to active mobilization.
Resisted range of motion of the left wrist reproduced dull and achy pain surrounding the lunate bone in flexion, extension, pronation, supination, ulnar deviation, and radial deviation.
4) The patient's thumb is held by the examiner, with the forearm in full supination while a valgus force is applied to the radial side of the elbow.
Subjects trained the system to recognize seven motion classes (wrist flexion, wrist extension, wrist supination, wrist pronation, hand open, hand closed, and no movement).
At 12 months, pain reduction in the supination and pronation insole groups was 50% and 45%, respectively (not significant).
Three different axes of pronation and supination will be used as a base for describing related movements in closed kinetic chain function.
Function was measured as power grip strength, pinch grip strength, key grip strength, and supination strength as well as wrist flexion/extension and forearm supination/pronation range of motion.