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specialized programs that reside permanently in the computer's main memory and control the processing of user's programs

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Nasdaq: SMTL), a leading manufacturer and supplier of wafer processing equipment and supervisory software control systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, today announced results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 1999.
In addition, the Wonderware supervisory software layer is decoupled from the hardware providing the capability to upgrade each software component separately as technology changes and customer needs evolve.
The WETNET flow-meter, the communication subsystem (RTU and networking) and supervisory software will be produced to comply with market needs and certification-accreditation requirements and the European Technology Verification.
Nasdaq: SMTL), a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and process solutions for wafer surface preparation, electrochemical metal deposition, thermal processing, and fab supervisory software systems to the worldwide semiconductor industry, and IMEC, Europe's leading independent research center for development of microelectronic technologies, today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement.
5, the newest evolution of its equipment downtime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software, and an integrated module of the Wonderware comprehensive MES and supervisory software solution.
Energy management is important in every industry and the pairing of Echelon's leading control products and Wonderware's user-friendly supervisory software solutions will simplify energy management for end-users," said Rashesh Mody, Wonderware vice president of global product management.
Other benefits include truly integrated video solutions where network cameras are directly linked via existing TCP/IP ports to access management systems for video verification using supervisory software or a central monitoring station.
0 is the latest visualization component that works in conjunction with the Industrial Application Server and IndustrialSQL Server historian to provide a distributed plant supervisory software solution based on ArchestrA technology.
launched new networkable supervisory software called the G2 Gravimetric Gateway.
The Industrial Application Server is the core distributed application development and supervisory software platform for Wonderware's FactorySuite A2 ("A-squared") product line, which leverages ArchestrA technology.
A new entry-level Foxboro A2 automation system offering that stretches from simple I/O, loop controllers and panel displays, to redundant controllers, data management and complete networked systems utilizing Wonderware FactorySuite A2 as the supervisory software.
Even smaller process plants often require supervisory software applications to meet regulatory requirements and help improve business performance.
The Paragon supervisory software establishes bi-directional communication with each line controller (i.
TotalPlant Batch, as part of the PlantScape system, eliminates the traditional complexities of integrating batch supervisory software with batch control functions residing in process controllers or programmable logic controllers.
Super1 supervisory software for multi-cell applications costs $4995.
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