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management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group

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A new patient is seen by the extender and supervising physician and is diagnosed with a chronic condition such as acne, warts, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, or benign moles.
Chapter topics include: supervising in groups; ethical and professional issues; difference and diversity in supervision; supervising experienced practitioners; deepening supervision practice; training and development of the supervisor; and "beyond supervising the counsellor and psychotherapist.
The 6 April Youth Movement has been excluded from the groups supervising the constitutional referendum on Friday following a decision by the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC).
This article addresses the embattling question of when and to what extent a subordinate lawyer may rely on the direction of a supervising lawyer when confronted with an ethical dilemma.
As many as 23% of the near-19,000 surveyed did not know they would be breaking the law by using a phone while supervising a learner.
Grade 11 ($56,740479,436) positions require a bachelor's degree, a minimum of two years experience supervising staff, four years of experience working with at-risk youths or a combination of education and experience.
Supervising activities relating to technology transfer, including cooperative research and development.
This article uses survey data from novice teachers to make recommendations for teacher preparation programs and supervising administrators.
Let the guy supervising the little room now watch over the vets the doctors send down to rehab, and we'll watch over the rest,'' Starler said.
The inmate also alleged that a correctional officer was sleeping while he was supposed to be supervising recreation in a gym.
Reiter is supervising deputy attorney general for the California Department of Justice.
School counselors as supervisors: An integrated approach for supervising school counseling interns.
This study examined teacher candidate classroom assessment practices from the perspective of supervising teachers.
11-12: Workshop: Supervising crisis staff; Canadian Training Institute; Prince Albert; 416.
On a weekly basis, these FIRs are sent to the Bellevue office of the DOC, where the CCO designated as the SMART Partnership liaison forwards a copy of the FIR to the subject's supervising CCO.
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