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under observation or under the direction of a superintendent or overseer


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For example, because of the new Convicted Sexual Offender Registry and the Convicted Persons on Supervised Release file, the search could show that the driver, who has a young child in the car, is a registered sexual offender who should not be with a young child.
All staff should have a clear picture of who they supervise, and are supervised by, to enable two-way communication.
And that, Groner concludes, was the just result under the circumstances: When there is some evidence of sexual abuse but not enough to legally condemn the father, you nonetheless protect the child as much as possible by allowing only supervised visitations.
which is recognized for its medically supervised weight management programs at 35 Lindora Medical Clinics in Southern California, announced today an agreement to open the first in-store health care clinics that will also offer medically supervised treatment for weight control.
Solihull Council's Tennis Development Manager, Paul Jessop, said: "Selected sessions are supervised by a coach offering top tips and advice.
In this position, Lubell provided detailed guidance to HUD's program offices and leadership on housing and community development issues, supervised HUD's strategic planning process and prepared and reviewed draft regulations, legislation and research reports.
An offender who pled guilty to mail theft was sentenced to supervised release and he appealed his sentence.
of Lapeer, Michigan, has introduced two supervised reader ex'tenders that extend the distance between access control readers and controllers.
Parks replied: ``I think we found over and over again corruption wins most of the time when we put sensitive units out there that are not basically supervised.
If we remove the shell holding companies from the statistics, the proportion of depository institutions supervised essentially by a single federal regulator increases from about 40 percent to more than 75 percent.
Accordingly, police managers supervised other white males who, like themselves, came primarily from the working class.
169, Philadelphia; 24; 325 years imprisonment, $4,550,000 fine, three years supervised release.
The New York State Senate gave final legislative passage to a bill, sponsored by Senator Olga Mendez (R-D-I-L, Manhattan/Bronx), that would permit owners of New York City supervised Mitchell-Lama Housing projects to refinance their mortgages.
The mother had alleged inadequate supervision and staffing practices, citing an instance in which one corrections officer supervised 219 inmates who had violent proclivities during a facility-wide move.