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not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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The slow rate of language is supervenient to the fast neural firing, such that without downward causations the friends are helpless spectators to the workings of their brains.
They argue that the properties of the components give rise to the properties of the supervenient system as a whole, which then have a downward causal effect on the components so this is double counting.
Economic, chemical, geological and biological facts cause things--or if, by virtue of their supervenient status, they are thereby deemed to be causally inert, then the Causal Argument would prove too much, by forcing us either to antirealism about every supervenient domain, or to skepticism about all of the claims in such domains.
But this does no harm in the context, because Aristotle's intention there is merely to argue that acquisitions of virtues supervene on alterations of internal elements, and there is no reason to suppose that a change needs to be nonintrinsic to be supervenient.
Their accounts of his philosophy of mind range from wholehearted materialism to strong dualism, and many other views in between: hylomorphism, functionalism, attributism, supervenient dualism, property dualism, and others.
Regarding the immediate objects of visual experience, the physicalist point of view states that these objects must be identical or supervenient with physical objects or properties.
Although the position I describe denies there are psychophysical laws, it is consistent with the view that mental characteristics are in some sense dependent, or supervenient, on physical characteristics.
Brown stated, "We propose instead that supervenient mental states be understood to be co-determined by subvenient neural events along with social, environmental, and historical context" (Nancey Murphy and Warren S.
This is generally the view of physicalist philosophers such as Jaegwon Kim who limit causal power to properties of the simplest possible irreducible particles and their interactions (Kim, 1993, 1995) Each level of organization is supervenient on the lower level and there is nothing that actually emerges from constituent parts.
The thesis of metaphysical structural realism is that: "there are mind independent modal relations between phenomena (both possible and actual), but these relations are not supervenient on the properties of unobservable objects and the external relations between them, rather this structure is ontologically basic" (French and Ladyman 2003, p.
as turning points after which commitment to the state--and the state system--becomes supervenient, negating (which may mean abolishing, subordinating, or reorganizing and rearticulating) all anterior claims of local authorities.
But the supervenient order of the meteorological phenomena need not just be explained by the absence of the kind of final cause that soul supplies to animals.
blame is here supervenient upon causation, that requires that we get it
5 below)--that is, the gap between physicaI brain states and the condition of conscious awareness that may or may not be supervenient on those states--suggest that even a completely exhaustive model of brain structures and functions would not be equivalent to a model of the mind as such.
But when some new kind of relatedness is supervenient (say at the level of life), the way in which the physical events which are involved run their course is different in virtue of its presence--different from what it would have been if life had been absent .