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not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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In this way, hate crimes are, in effect, supervenient upon the standard crimes that "parallel" them.
Put another way, actual, potential, or prospective human agency is supervenient on there being human dignity.
Viruses have been classed into families and then into increasingly controversial supervenient categories (only one "order"--the Mononegavirales--has been approved to date by the ICTV).
93) For, as we saw above, the evaluative property of dignity is supervenient upon the description of moral persons as ontologically unique.
Supervenient Non-Natural Properties (a metaethical rival): "Torturing puppies is not wrong because there is some mysterious non-natural moral property that supervenes upon such actions
Briefly, in his paper 'Thinking Causes' Davidson holds that supervenient properties of an event make a difference to the subvenient properties of the event and hence make a difference to the event's causal relations.
Moral and other kinds of values are for him supervenient on facts (i.
Terrence Deacon's piece closes the first section with a definition of three categories of emergence: evolutionary, self-organizing, and supervenient emergence, each of which is composed of relationships between the lower order ones and characterized by its own configurational causality.
8) It is because of these supervenient circumstances that the certain disorders are "totally wiped out.
I do not think of value as a property of things, natural or nonnatural, or supervenient.
In general, they have been inclined to see Wodeham either as introducing items that are supervenient on--and nothing in addition to--ordinary substances and accidents, or else as postulating some type of abstract object (for example, abstract meanings or some other intentional entity).
Part two, Moral Metaphysics, is devoted to defending moral properties as nonnatural and supervenient upon natural properties.
The second part argues that the pluralist spirit of Wright is better captured by alethic functionalism, or the view that truth is a supervenient, multiply realizable property of propositions.
In the spirit of Hsun Tzu, we may regard these entities as products of our own creation (wei); they exist as supervenient qualities of our reflective ethical experience, the resultant attributes of the expression of our ethical emotions or thought in the context of religious observances.
They are supervenient on other features and facts; they are what ought (or ought not) to obtain.