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(music) the second note of a diatonic scale

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He also considers the German augmented-sixth chord as a "highly evolved supertonic harmony" (p.
Another new product from Garden Of Life is Clear Energy[TM], which contains a blend of 12 supertonic herbs and is 100% pesticide and herbicide free.
Berlin requires only the first four bars anyway and modifies the harmony half-way through the second bar to force a modulation to the supertonic minor, which is maintained to the end of the phrase.
Though everyone seems to enjoy some, much music preserves a distance between itself and the public because it relies on a distinctive notation, because criticism makes use of a technical vocabulary--third-inversion minor-ninth on the flattened supertonic, for example--and because its analysis involves theories frightening in their complexity and level of abstraction.
The music remains poignantly unruffled by the devastating final "how do you like your blue-eyed boy Mister Death," apart from the telling crescendo to fortissimo on the final word, accompanied by a lone flatted supertonic in the bass.
The upper appoggiatura to the supertonic which initiates this descent helps to give it a striking resemblance to a passage in the first movement of Brahms's Clarinet Quintet (Ex.
Thus the first phrase of "Old North" (Example 12b) prolongs the tonic triad through most of the first two measures, cadencing on the dominant (by way of the supertonic) in measure 3; but in the first phrase of Cage's first "Hymn" (Example 12a), all the notes of the supertonic and dominant triads have been "subtracted," so that the tonic prolongation continues to the end of the phrase.
Supertonic Sound Club were making big noises in 2010 but then as a couple of members headed overseas, the band dissolved.
The key-signature of five flats, however, implies not B flat minor but D flat major, of which E flat minor is the supertonic.