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translation of the words of a foreign opera (or choral work) projected on a screen above the stage

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Medee will be performed in French with English supertitles projected at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis.
NEW YORK -- When attending any kind of music drama written in a language other than English, American audiences have come to expect that the text will be performed in an English translation or some system of projected supertitles will be employed.
There were supertitles to help the audience know what part of the tale we were at, however, they weren't bright enough and thus were difficult to read.
The supertitles were brilliant if sporadic, and yes, Maril's supercilious stentorianism and Halliday's hailstorm caterwauling were archly atmospheric.
Song lyrics were mostly unintelligible because the supertitles employed in Chicago were banished here, but HGO Artistic and Music Director Patrick Summers conducted neatly and Zambello's staging brimmed with life.
First, they had a speaker intone the descriptive Italian annotations from the score, with Hungarian and English supertitles shown above the stage.
To this end, the opera does not utilize sub- or supertitles to translate the libretto for the audience during either performance.
A year ago that meant supertitles describing the action in Graham's Clytemnestra.
He rightly points out that today, with the introduction of stage supertitles, audiences can follow translations with ease, while the unique integration of words and music - the way in which the composer deliberately worked with the sound structure of the original language of the libretto, remains intact.
The use of supertitles allows for greater leeway in the handling of the text and promotes greater opportunity to look in depth for subtexts within the whole of the opera.
Each performance includes supertitles of all song texts, an interview of the vocalist and pianist, and a post-recital "meet the artist" reception.
The play is performed in Spanish with English supertitles.
Some of the simplest are programs that display supertitles at the opera at just the right moment or that automatically turn the page for musicians.
In late September New York audiences were given a rare opportunity to see a full-scale production of this piece, mounted at City Center by the National Theater of Greece, in modern Greek with supertitles.
Music and the movies, subtitles and supertitles, bilingual editions, all encourage a new state of biglossia which is not like the long sway of Latin.