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an additional tax on certain kinds of income that has already been taxed


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There is no specific requirement that C provide a copy of the SuperTax file.
The supertax could rake in more than pounds 2billion - four times the pounds 550million estimated by the Chancellor in his pre-Budget report.
Barclays boss Bob Diamond, one of the few banks which wasn't bailed out, still had the audacity to call the new supertax a "stifling reform" which could push up the cost of mortgages and loans to ordinary people.
Apart from paying ordinary tax, like all companies do, we pay a supertax of pounds 200 million a year extra, just for being ITV.
I stopped a taxi and asked the driver to radio through to his office to call a cab for our customer and all he could do was give us a business card with a phone number or suggest we went to the office of Supertax.
The Liberal Democrat leader said he was not ruling out any options against banks, including a levy like the one-off 50 per cent supertax on bank bonuses imposed by the Labour government last year.
A controversial one-off supertax on bonuses in Britain last year had failed to change behaviour, as bankers had found "imaginative ways" of avoiding it, the former Chancellor Alistair Darling, who introduced it, said last week.
Now that he's softened business up to the idea of a bonus supertax he should impose it on any company which gives its directors proportionately more than they give to their employees.
The report did not contain any great surprises and to an extent the banking sector breathed a sigh of relief as the rumours that a windfall tax on the sector did not come to fruition, although there is the one-off 50% supertax for banker's bonuses over pounds 25,000.
They particularly liked Mr Darling's plan to impose a 50 per cent supertax on the bonuses of rich bankers and use the cash raised to tackle youth unemployment.
What's more, at 214g/km, it'll side-step Ken Livingstone's forthcoming pounds 25 congestion supertax for Band G motors that emit more than 225g/km.