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an additional tax on certain kinds of income that has already been taxed


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I got to the office of Supertax and explained the man's predicament.
Former UK Chancellor Alistair Darling - admitted his supertax on bonuses had failed to curb excessive behaviour by the banks
The report did not contain any great surprises and to an extent the banking sector breathed a sigh of relief as the rumours that a windfall tax on the sector did not come to fruition, although there is the one-off 50% supertax for banker's bonuses over pounds 25,000.
What's more, at 214g/km, it'll side-step Ken Livingstone's forthcoming pounds 25 congestion supertax for Band G motors that emit more than 225g/km.
The Liberal Democrat leader said he was not ruling out any options against banks, including a levy like the one-off 50 per cent supertax on bank bonuses imposed by the Labour government last year.
Then Mr Darling admitted his 50p supertax rate has no science behind it and he has no idea how much it will raise.
David Murray may be on to his latest multi-million-pound spending spree adding Gabriel Amato, Arthur Numan and Giovanni Van Bronkhorst to his supertax squad.
David, 36, from Wythenshawe, was biting into a slice of hot pizza from Greggs that supertax and or pasty Government the people TAYLOR, 36 cost him pounds 1.
And as they battle it out in the relegation zone with Motherwell and Kilmarnock, the twosome admit that being a big name import doesn't immediately put you in the supertax bracket alongside di Canio and Gazza.
Imposing a supertax above a certain amount would be a very effective way of convincing them they are living beyond our means.
Mr Darling has promised his third Budget will be "sensible, workmanlike" but his cupboard is not as bare as he might have expected, partly thanks to the banks choosing to cough up his supertax on City bonuses, rather than trim employees' perks.
The Government here are facing calls to follow suit, adding to the temporary 50 per cent supertax on bank bonuses which will raise an estimated pounds 500million.
For four hours of hard graft like this they might get between pounds 100 and pounds 200 each - not bad, but hardly supertax material.