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The whole concept of banning cow slaughter is the brain wave of a few superstitiously religious and fanatically fundamentalist people in our country having no scientific understanding of the biological life cycle of cattle or any other living being.
It makes us believe weird things, superstitiously clinging to the world as we want it to be rather than as it is," he says.
13) Earlier, Veguillas somewhat superstitiously declares to his comrades that:--" un escacho de botilleria, no puede tener pena de muerte
By the latter date, "the European discourse of the fetish [had] emerged as a means of marking Africans as primitives who superstitiously attributed divine powers to brute things" (McNally 2011, 126).
Also, none of these cosmonauts have seen their rocket ship being towed to the launch site, because they are superstitiously forbidden to do so.
One by-discourse I haue left wholly out, as superstitiously smelling of Papisticall Miracles; in which I haue no beleefe" (A3r-A3v).
Whether or not it's bad luck superstitiously associated with crows, Siddaramaiah has since been having tough time defending allegations of having gone into conniptions over the bird.
Though somewhat superstitiously inhibited by fear of divine anger--here perhaps we recognize an echo of Augustine's critique (again in the City of God) of the apparently monotheistic Platonism of Porphyry--they worship a single, unknown, eternal, infinite, and inscrutable divinity, oddly and surely satirically--but appropriately for sun worshippers--named Mythra, whose power extends throughout the cosmos.
Raised in Chicago's poor Irish section, the Patch, he superstitiously dreads returning to his old neighborhood, afraid to "pick up its dust on his shoes" and find himself "fit for nowhere else once again.
Walter White (above left, with Hattie McDaniel and Arthur Spingarn) of the NAACP scheduled a series of meetings with film studios seeking "an end to Hollywood's traditional portrayal of Negroes as superstitiously fearful of spooks.
They are afraid to stand out, superstitiously prefer not to stir the pot, and they answer with pre-readied, upbeat mantras.
Albinos are cruelly hunted and parts of their bodies hacked off to be used as "medicine" [muti or juju) by individuals who superstitiously believe that the body parts of Albinos can bring them good fortune--whether in politics or in love affairs.
But as he goes on, Antigonus complicates this assertion: "Dreams are toys, / Yet for this once, yea superstitiously, / I will be squared by this" (3.
I'm working really hard to make sure I don't do something stupid in my first 100 days,'' the lanky Republican joked Wednesday at the Telegram & Gazette offices, pausing a moment to knock superstitiously on the desk in front of him and smile.
Her parents, superstitiously believing that Mai was being manipulated by a ghost, asked a spirit exorcist to free her.