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of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

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The choice of suicide is real, but for Kant there is a transfer from the sensible to the supersensible, a 'rebirth, revolution, conversion to a life that is now .
Jesus, as both teacher and hero, somewhat dispelled this crisis by defining a supersensible realm, a refuge for subjective feeling.
The final chapter argues that Kant considered his response to the Pyrrhonian challenge to be successful only because he interpreted Pyrrhonism as a moderate form of skepticism which does not target empirical, mathematical, or logical claims, but restricts its attack to those of supersensible metaphysics.
Kant's definition of the "transcendent" sees it as based on "transcendental principles" which are used "to make judgments about something supersensible, something beyond all possible experience.
In making this point, she is at least indirectly invoking a passage I have already cited from the Critique of Judgment, where Kant argues that it is our capacity for supersensible reasoning--i.
5) The fundamental idea in question is the classic speculative problematic of objective knowledge, which in the Kantian context of Forster's study takes the form of the issue of how it is that we know (discursively, intuitively) "the supersensible substrate of appearances.
Kant's method allows him to slip free of the characteristic restraints imposed on the human understanding (the combination of sensibility and intellect) in order to imagine a supersensible perspective outside of the predicament of human embodiment.
The Critique of Pure Reason represents a gigantic struggle against the typically modern scientism that reduces human existence to pure matter and pure animality, with the aim of making room for an apprehension of--or at least a practical relation to--the supersensible in the human being.
Fry resists equating ostension and Kant's notions of the beautiful and the sublime because they are transcendentally given, and as such they are structured in relation to the thing itself, the supersensible.
For once we have related such an effect in the whole to a supersensible determining ground beyond the blind mechanism of nature, we must also judge it entirely in accordance with this principle.
for our whole cognitive faculty" because it belongs to the "field of the supersensible.
The natural signs do not image an already existing Christian world - even if that world be taken as the "constitutive events of Christianity" - any more than, as Thomas insists in his Aristotelian critique of the Platonic eidos, the concept in the mind images an idea existing in some supersensible realm.
This leads to the identification of a supersensible self, which is the soul or mind, as distinct from the physical body, and to a corresponding increase in the stock of language, on account of the introduction of words that designate concepts that do not derive from sense experience.
11) By casting the crisis-and-recovery sequence into the triumphant drama of the supersensible over the sensible, however, he cannot but change what is aesthetic into not only what is ethical but also what was conceptualized as ethical in his moral philosophy before the third critique.
9) Vico, in presenting his doctrine of "poetic wisdom" (sapienza poetica) in the New Science, gives an account of the appearance of the supersensible as the origin of culture.