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However, eight ADSJs were superseded, and the cases of as many were deferred.
Along with some questions whether the county law that legalized sale of some fireworks superseded town laws governing suppliers, Queensbury town officials raised concerns over the proliferation of temporary sales tents that sprang up last summer.
Michael Vlach, a leading Evangelical scholar on "supersessionism," has defined it broadly as "the view that the NT Church is the new and/or true Israel that has forever superseded the nation Israel as the people of God.
General Aslam - who was the senior most general officer of the Army - resigned after he was superseded by Gen.
AU section 311 would be superseded in its entirety by the proposed SAS, Planning an Audit.
We are persuaded that state law does not reverse-preempt federal law in the present case for two related but distinct reasons: (1) Congress did not intend to include a treaty within the scope of an 'Act of Congress' when it used those words in the MFA and (2) in this case, it is when we construe a treaty--specifically, the Convention, rather than the Convention Act--to determine the parties' respective rights and obligations, that the state law at issue is superseded.
Before the documentation completion date, auditors can add information and replace, delete or discard superseded audit documentation.
0, dated May 25, 2005, is superseded by the updated Version 1.
Before we concede that Mackey has somehow superseded the Darwinian forces that shape all free-market businesses, let's remember this: Social responsibility is a defining feature of the niche that Whole Foods has carved out of the cut-throat grocery business.
Stanislaus is one of the few remaining American Catholic parishes whose assets are controlled by a lay board, a model popular with the European immigrants of the 19th century that has generally been superseded by, episcopal control of parish finances.
What will happen when our Constitution and its Bill of Rights are superseded or nullified?
That effect comes about because the high court found that state patient-protection laws are superseded by ERISA, the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which regulates employee benefit plans and ensures that regulation is uniform.
that the New Covenant of"grace" superseded the Old Covenant of "legalism";
Overall gains for property modifiers will continue to be negatively impacted by the declining use of conventional blowing agents which are being superseded by new environmentally friendly processes.