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(geology) the principle that in a series of stratified sedimentary rocks the lowest stratum is the oldest

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According to the superposition principle, the ground surface settlement for the double tunnels excavation considering the influence of single pile is computed by
The superposition principle states that a quantum system will evolve into a probability distribution of many possible space/time regions.
Superposition principle is subsequently applied to evaluate the resulting stress state.
By using the superposition principle and the triangle inequality of the Euclidean norm a conservative estimate of the rms magnetic flux density distribution of any type of double circuit power line can be obtained:
In that case, we will be able to use the superposition principle for the relatively small input components.
Since the velocity field induced by the source Q is (6), then according to the superposition principle of velocity field of ideal fluids, the velocity on the surface S is
The utility of the time-temperature superposition principle for constructing master curves from DMA DOC data is shown to enable the prediction of cure behavior for a range of time-temperature profiles.
Some specific topics merit important attention in physics and engineering as, for instance, the free and forced response of a system, the linearity, the superposition principle related to forcing terms and initial states etc.
In contrast, "what makes quantum computation so powerful -- and mysterious -- is that all potential computational paths are taken simultaneously in a single piece of hardware, in accord with the superposition principle of quantum mechanics," Brassard says.
Caution must therefore be exercised when using the superposition principle on filled elastomers.
Knowing that these two signals can be combined in a linear network, the superposition principle is applicable.
The semiempirical WLF equation [17, 18], one of the most famous approaches using time-temperature superposition principle (TTSP), was extended by Luo et al.
For instance, the quantum superposition principle is contrary to the Aristotelian law of the excluded middle, since one can superpose two states with opposite properties (e.
Therefore, in the calculations we used the superposition principle according which the current electrode is divided into evenly distributed point-shaped sources, and a potential generated at some site of the medium is equal to the sum of the potentials generated by these point-shaped sources.