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Synonyms for superposition

(geology) the deposition of one geological stratum on another

(geology) the principle that in a series of stratified sedimentary rocks the lowest stratum is the oldest

(geometry) the placement of one object ideally in the position of another one in order to show that the two coincide

the placement of one thing on top of another

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Quantum theory uses the notion of superposition to indicate how two states of a quantum entity are simultaneously possible, but only one is actual at any given moment (e.
Building any quantum computer remains a tremendous challenge due to the fragility of those quantum superposition states.
Most of these works focused on the time-temperature equivalence [24-26], as well as the time-aging time superposition [26-29].
This scheme also enables us to interpret the superposition of particles in accordance with mathematics in logic.
Quantum mechanics allows superposition states of large, macroscopic objects.
Most models are based on the step response of the heat transfer rate and use the superposition principle to compute the response to an arbitrary load profile.
The main, practical difference between the two methods is that a specified level of reaction rate does not need to be chosen for time-temperature superposition.
Quantum rules include some very odd principles, including the uncertainty principle and superposition.
In the experiment the team raised the temperature of a system, in which information is encoded in the nuclei of phosphorus atoms in silicon, from -269 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius and demonstrated that the superposition states survived at this balmy temperature for 39 minutes - outside of silicon the previous record for such a state's survival at room temperature was around two seconds.
The Starbase software observatory has seen the addition of several new features: a facility to allow the direct comparison of observational recordings by their superposition on a single display; software to use the computer's sound card to measure the frequency response of a UKRAA VLF receiver; a much needed user interface to reconfigure serial ports and the instruments to which they are connected; a simple utility to display the audio devices connected to the system; and enhancements to capture signals in real time, using the host computer as a data logger.
Liu and Wang [12] approached the inclusion problem by superposition, differentiation and integration of Mindlin and Cheng's [13] solutions for the point force in the interior of the semi-infinite solid, but their formulation led to complex calculations involving derivatives of four key integrals.
Audi also offers the optional sport differential for the rear axle, which uses two superposition gears to actively distribute the power between the wheels.
The proceedings contains about 150 papers on such topics as the numerical analysis of femoral neck angle influence on stress distribution of cemented Austin Moore hip prosthesis, load influence on the behavior of micro-cracks in particulate composites, analyzing crack tip fields in materials with creep behavior, using mesh the superposition technique to study delaminations in composite thin plates, and mechanical characteristics of bamboo.
In entanglement, particles also go into a state called superposition, which opens the way to a hoped-for supercomputers.