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place (one geometric figure) upon another so that their perimeters coincide

place on top of

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En entrant dans le studio d'Avatar a l'eclairage fortement tamise, le visiteur se retrouve devant une etagere industrielle en metal gris portant huit tourne-disques superposes.
ARTC's new system, which combines Multiple-Image Coordinate Conversion Technology and Large Virtual Image Display Technology, superposes the image from the vehicle information system on the road scene.
1a GTPases share most of the hydrophobic clusters (ID=29%) and 3D structures superpose along the entire domain (rmsd 1.
These combined factors represent a visually complex stimulus field on which to superpose HUDs, complexity that may interfere with the legibility of HUD-presented information.
J'ai introduit cette annee la peinture numerique sur cinq tableaux, j'utilise aussi bien le pinceau que la spatule, j'apaise la matiere, superpose les couleurs.
Root's and bulb's of plant use after doing particular actions that they change them to very slim fibers and superpose them in water way that because of this action they take bitterness of bulb and dry them at sun and then they use as nutritive condiment.
Chain scission of macromolecules may superpose the effect of cross linking on crystallization due to a strong nucleating effect (Ehrenstein et al, 2004) of short chain molecules.
The criteria for the selection of a modified set of the inputs can be defined as follows: (i) selected inputs are acceptable from the physical point of view; (ii) short-term compliance dependencies obtained for five different stresses superpose to form a smooth generalized dependence in the log D(t*) vs.
We illustrate here that two such component waves generated in opposite directions and propagating at speed c between walls in a one-dimensional box, superpose into a traveling beat wave of wavelength [[LAMBDA].
A cette realite, se superpose un drame ne du viol de la femme de Djaffar le jour ou par hasard, il prit le chemin du maquis.
These chemical signs that determine as faradic smells in plant superpose the plant in positive condition with natural enemy that each part profit from this connection.
we trace a graph where we superpose data obtained on one type of material with another one using same working parameters, or on the same material using different parameters and last same material, same working parameters but different stage of wearing of the tool.
Cet artiste a simplement enchaEne les morceaux de musique les uns apres les autres en fonction des gouts des spectateurs, modifie ou superpose deux musiques et faire preuve de creativite.
Once the intermediate flat die indentation results are determined, we can superpose the intermediate results to obtain the Rockwell indentation results.