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Synonyms for superpose

place (one geometric figure) upon another so that their perimeters coincide

place on top of

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ARTC's new system, which combines Multiple-Image Coordinate Conversion Technology and Large Virtual Image Display Technology, superposes the image from the vehicle information system on the road scene.
Once all corrections (Bagley, Rabinowitsch, and slip) are applied, these flow curves are expected to superpose at least over the low shear rate range.
Model quality was assessed through variety of validation tools, such as PROCHECK, VADAR, TM Align, SUPERPOSE and ERRAT (11-13).
Root's and bulb's of plant use after doing particular actions that they change them to very slim fibers and superpose them in water way that because of this action they take bitterness of bulb and dry them at sun and then they use as nutritive condiment.
Chain scission of macromolecules may superpose the effect of cross linking on crystallization due to a strong nucleating effect (Ehrenstein et al, 2004) of short chain molecules.
L'Histoire de l'edition n'a pas echappe a ce courant qui se superpose dans ce cas au mouvement plus large des histoires de maisons d'edition.
Cet artiste a simplement enchaEne les morceaux de musique les uns apres les autres en fonction des gouts des spectateurs, modifie ou superpose deux musiques et faire preuve de creativite.
Based on the superposition procedure, the data for the higher L/D's are shifted horizontally to superpose with the LVE data.
These chemical signs that determine as faradic smells in plant superpose the plant in positive condition with natural enemy that each part profit from this connection.
The following steps are necessary to perform during composition procedure of models, created by two different scanning system's data: (1) to superpose planes of occlusal surfaces of dental arches models, created by data of two scanning systems; (2) to superpose dental arches of both models; (3) to superpose occlusal surfaces of each individual tooth; (4) to replace occlusal surface of tomographic model with occlusal surface from optical model.
Dans son travail, lorsque Abdallah Sadouk superpose les zones urbaines et naturelles, il semble suggerer une succession temporelle aussi bien que spatiale, une accumulation d'existences dont le passage demeure, imaginaire, dans l'interstice laisse entre les murs.
Une fresque alteree cependant par la main intruse de l'administration coloniale qui y avait superpose six autres couches qui ont obstrue et denature ce chef d'oeuvre reproduisant les splendeurs de l'architecture orientale.
We illustrate here that two such component waves generated in opposite directions and propagating at speed c between walls in a one-dimensional box, superpose into a traveling beat wave of wavelength [[LAMBDA].
Once the intermediate flat die indentation results are determined, we can superpose the intermediate results to obtain the Rockwell indentation results.