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Synonyms for superordinate

one of greater rank or station or quality

a word that is more generic than a given word

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place in a superior order or rank

of higher rank or status or value

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The good might still be considered the only superordinate Form, with ordinary Forms coming in positive, negative, and neutral varieties.
A score of 1 signifies that the subjects understand a very broad level of the concepts, representing the superordinate level (marketing communication; advertising; promotion; fresh).
Evaluating the persuasiveness of an HIV mass communication campaign using gain-framed messages and aimed at creating a superordinate identity.
The first author then identified connections between the emergent themes by ascribing superordinate themes, which were identified first within families and then between families.
Individuals within our culture (both members of hierarchically superordinate groups and of subordinate groups, e.
A meeting between a subordinate and a superordinate at the technical branch was likewise treated under the same scope.
they don't have any members in common) while their union class is identical with the class of the next superordinate vertex.
Notably, this panel was asked to assume that the superordinate goal was correct.
First, the more one self-identifies with the superordinate group, the more likely one is to value the relational (i.
In this guide, military events, military figures, and the British monarchy assume a superordinate status in both text and image.
A taxonomy of police equipment reflects the three levels of description: a superordinate level is a collection of features reflecting one purpose, a basic level is represented by an abstract representation of the superordinate level, and the subordinate level features instantiations of basic level models (Cruse, 1986).
RESULTS Seven superordinate themes emerged through interpretative phenomenological analysis: a) facing academic challenges, b) recognizing emotional response, c) seeking help, d) transcending academic challenges, e) owning knowledge, f) persevering, and g) living out values and beliefs.
In addition, Logicontrol has interfaces which can be used to link it to superordinate ERP systems.
A context-sensitive and functional approach to evidentiality in Spanish or why evidentiality needs a superordinate category.
The seven suggestions are: recognize faultlines triggers; develop superordinate team identity; understand the importance of beliefs, culture, and norms; employ appropriate structures; recognize the effects of team autonomy; use compatible levels of intra-team communication; and use appropriate leadership styles.