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(biology) a taxonomic group ranking above an order and below a class or subclass

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Classification Name Kingdom Eukaryota Subkingdom Embryophyta Division Spermatophyta Subdivision Angiospermae Class Dicotyledoneae Subclass Rosidae Superorder Aralianae Order Araliales (Umbelliflorae) Family Apiaceae or Umbelliferae Subfamily Hydrocotyle Genus Centella Species Centella asiatica Table 2: Ethnomedicinal uses of Centella asiatica (L.
Notable endemic animal taxa include Ramphastidae, Tinamidae, Trochilidae and Troglodytidae among birds, as well as the mammalian groups Didelphidae, the Platyrrhini monkey families, and the superorder Xenarthra (Edentata).
Given that flavonoids and triterpenoids have been proposed to be the real taxonomic markers for the superorder of Rosiflorae (Castilho and Kaplan 2008), the fact that several phytochemical studies of different species of Licania genus (Chrysobalanaceae) have reported mainly triterpenoids with iupane, ursane, and oleanane skeletons (Braca et al.
acuta belongs to the family Physidae, the order Basommatophora, the superorder Pulmonata, the class Gastropoda, and the phylum Mollusks.
The taxonomically neglected milliped order Glomeridesmida and family Glomeridesmidae (infraclass Pentazonia, superorder Limacomorpha) inhabit 21, rather than seven, regions of the world, being newly recorded from Thailand; Cambodia; the Republics of Palau, the Philippines, and Vanuatu; New Britain, Bismarck Archipelago; the Island of New Guinea (both West Papua [formerly Irian Jaya], Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea); and Sulawesi and Indonesian Borneo.
In the superorder Thoracica, dwarf males have so far been reported in the suborders Balanomorpha, Iblomorpha, Scalpellomorpha, and Heteralepadomorpha, but not in Lepadomorpha or Verrucomorpha (Klepal, 1985, 1987; Hoeg, 1995).
The nine-banded armadillos, family Dasypodidae, order Cingulata, Superorder Xenarthra, (13) were introduced in North America very recently, around the year 1880.
The Late Permian Lodeve Basin has given a very rich and diverse fauna of the superorder Odonatoptera, with about 60 specimens in five families, i.
Class ECHINODERMATA Subclass Euechinoidea Superorder Gnathostomata Order Clypeasteroida Suborder Clypeasterina Family Clypeasteridae Genus Clypeaster LAMARCK, 1801 Clypeaster aff.
In 1997, though, geneticists argued that their work justified shuffling mammals in the evolutionary tree to create a new superorder, Afrotheria (SN: 1/6/01, p.
Their zoological class also includes the order Rajiformes (rays, mantas, and sawfish), and together they form the superorder Selachimorpha.
Among fishes, the most profound metamorphosis occurs in the fishes of the superorder Elopomorpha (eels.
9% of all insects belong to the "winged" superorder, Pterygota, many genera are composed of species that are dimorphic for wing length or monomorphically wingless (for reviews, see Thayer 1992; Roff 1994a).
For example, among the superorder pericarida, a major taxon that includes most of the minute bottom-dwelling crustacea of the deep sea, 69 percent among those found in the western Atlantic during the past 30 years are newly discovered species.
Superorder Leptothecata Cornelius, 1992 Order Lafoeida Bouillon, 1984 Family Lafoeidae A.