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in a supernatural manner

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Albert, without knowing why, started on hearing these words pronounced with such a haughty and dignified accent; it appeared to him as if there was something supernaturally gloomy and terrible in the expression which gleamed from the brilliant eyes of Haidee at this moment; she appeared like a Pythoness evoking a spectre, as she recalled to his mind the remembrance of the fearful death of this man, to the news of which all Europe had listened with horror.
At times, La Belle Sauvage is absolutely - and supernaturally - terrifying.
Nicola Cornick's House of Shadows blends a supernaturally tinged historical drama a la Outlander with a cozy village mystery to addictive, mesmerizing effect.
An absolutely fascinating story brought vividly to life by the superb action/action artwork of Jeremy, "Deliverance" offers a compelling and dramatic conclusion to an inherently riveting tale of piracy, power struggles, and supernaturally induced greed.
The filmmakers have latched on to a winning formula and young audiences respond, to the extent that horror movies that steer clear of the familiar arsenal of supernaturally slammed doors, shocks and glimpses of CGI-disfigured faces are often dismissed as "not proper horror".
He quickly became a crowdsourced villain, a supernaturally creepy child snatcher who inspired stories, amateur videos, and video games.
Gal's supernaturally beautiful and unbelievably kind and thoughtful and intelligent and wise, yet bright and youthful and hopeful in such a sweet way," Jenkins gushed.
Told in alternating narratives by Zoe and the supernaturally gifted X, a bounty hunter of souls from the Lowlands, Giles's gripping tale pulls readers through a fast-paced thriller in which Zoe's world converges with X's, at the edge of everything.
David is than supernaturally taken back in time to Jerusalem and Rome to learn directly from the Apostles Paul, and James, and from other early disciples, of the culture, religious, and political environment of the day and the implications this had on the writing of the scriptures in the original Jewish context to better understand the questions raised and issues being addressed.
It tells the story of two friends - wheelchair-bound Aldo Benjamin, who is almost supernaturally unlucky and a failure in every respect of his life, and would-be writer turned policeman Liam, who wants to write about Aldo's life.
If you can't get good distribution, your brand has to be supernaturally strong.
In this article I examine the complex role of magic in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon and argue that Achilles discredits magic as supernaturally powerful by depicting magical practices as ineffectual, resulting in unintended consequences, or as the basis for dramatic, narrative, or rhetorical manipulation and deception.
Based on Rosalie Ham's novel, this is leaden, almost supernaturally unfunny stuff that raises about as many chuckles as a video nasty.
Supernaturally the gratitude begins to replace the stress and refocuses me on a better set of priorities and a more effective action plan.
Two years before "Scream," he had already mastered the fine art of wink-wink, nudge-nudge self-referencing in "Wes Craven's New Nightmare," an ingeniously cheeky thriller based on the audacious conceit that Craven's "Nightmare on Elm Street" and the five sequels directed by others were works of fiction that inadvertently summoned, and briefly contained, a real supernaturally evil force.