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of or relating to supernaturalism

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Humanism also differs from all supernaturalist religions in centering its long-term aims not on the next world but on this.
He's written numerous other books for children and teens, including the steampunk Airman, the realistic Benny and Omar, and a science fiction adventure, The Supernaturalist.
Evangelical conservatives aligned themselves with the defense of a strongly supernaturalist conception of the relation between the human and the divine, and, in the years after the First World War, with what came to be called the "fundamentals" of traditional doctrine, even if some of the beliefs that animated the movement (such as premillennial dispensationalism) were not particularly traditional at all.
Chapter 6, 'Simone Weil and the Bhagavad-Gita', stands interestingly apart from the flow of Doering's narrative, both because it is a chapter-length treatment of a single Weil text, and because what Weil is quoted as saying in that text would appear to contradict Doering's general treatment of her as a supernaturalist.
Not surprisingly, Huxley's critics saw this as a case of effectively surrendering evolution to the supernaturalist camp.
The supernaturalist conceptual framework comes to the fore again in (10), somewhat inexplicitly at first, in the reference to 'sacred incantations' ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), but more overtly later in the same verse: 'For the incantation's power, communicating with the soul's opinion, enchants and persuades and changes it, by trickery' ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
I have entertained the thought that they are fundamentally synonymous, whether or not expressed in supernaturalist language.
85) In Tennyson's "Two Voices" the supernaturalist objected that the naturalist tried to make "all the horizon dark" (l.
We suggest Supernaturalist as a blanket term for all creationists and intelligent design advocates who deny that biology can ever be explained by the ordinary laws of nature.
circle of sympathy" that includes the improvisational "naturalistic spiritualities" celebrated in his early work as well as the "more exuberantly supernaturalist and plural forms of communion" we encounter in Underworld, White Noise, and Cosmopolis.
In contrast to supernaturalist and rationalist views, both of which are concerned to maintain the literal historical status of events narrated in Scripture, but at the cost of either implausibly asserting or meticulously excluding their divine content, Strauss mentions favourably allegorical reading, practised for instance by Origen (LJ, 1, 10-11).
The enlightenment case is directed not against all forms of religion, but against what I'll call supernaturalist religion.
2) Consequently, a person can operate as a methodological naturalist while choosing to be either a metaphysical naturalist or a supernaturalist, for example, a person can do the activities of science while adhering to either an atheistic or theistic view.
Baudelaire drew his occult associations from the mystic Emanuel Swedenborg and the poet Heinrich Heine, whom he quoted in his Salon review of 1846: "In artistic matters I am a supernaturalist.
Signs and wonders, exorcisms, prophecies, a prosperity gospel, and other forthrightly supernaturalist emphases combine with expressive worship to energize Christian practice around the world.