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Synonyms for supernatural

Synonyms for supernatural

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

greatly exceeding or departing from the normal course of nature

Synonyms for supernatural

supernatural forces and events and beings collectively

not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws

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Encountering the Supernatural is the ministry's biggest event of the year.
The real life illustrations are about credible everyday people living a lifestyle of operating in the supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit transforming the lives around them, giving honor to Jesus.
We wanted to test the exact opposite prediction: It's not that the presence of the supernatural elicits awe, it's that awe elicits the perception of the presence of the supernatural," Valdesolo said.
Linda Dunkley, also a Co-founder in the business, former stunt woman and Ofsted Registered Childminder states “Being British I think we understand the truth of supernatural power our whole heritage is stuffed with people that we have honoured because of the power of God released through their lives.
This supernatural side has largely been forgotten but to understand Wallace better, we should acknowledge it.
God's Supernatural Power" is filled with powerful writing, practical principles, convicting challenges, and convincing truths.
In addition to realistic depictions increasing a person's belief in the supernatural, Sparks suggests the believability is reinforced when the audience can relate to the characters.
There is information on 40 supernatural destinations and 25 walks linked with tales of terror and mystery.
Supernatural is a must-see for those who enjoy high-quality TV drama, and Season Two, Volume Two, is a must-see DVD for all Supernatural fans.
The first mark of a Catholic school" is that it is "inspired by a supernatural vision, seeing to the education of the full child, not only for service to society, but for love of God and holiness of life for the sake of the child's ultimate destiny.
As his tenth birthday approaches the wind seems more a part of his life than ever, and supernatural touches enter the picture--all confusing until his long-lost uncle unexpectedly returns to tell him of the family curse.
Supernaturalism, in contrast, is belief in a supernatural agency that intervenes in the course of natural laws.
64), and "we express no opinion on the ultimate veracity of ID as a supernatural explanation" (p.
African Philosophy focuses on an exciting set of interrelated metaphysical issues: the nature of ontological commitments in African thought systems, whether these commitments are rooted in the supernatural or empirical, and whether they have implications for human values.
Several hundred years ago, the English referred to nighttime sensations of chest pressure from witches or other supernatural beings as the "mare," from the Anglo-Saxon merran, meaning to crush.