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the clear liquid that lies above a sediment or precipitate

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of a liquid

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The activities of ATPases and GSH content in supernate were detected according to the instructions of kits (Nanjing Jiancheng Bioengineering Institute, Nanjing, China).
AM-conditioned media were collected and centrifuged, and the supernates were saved in aliquots at -80[degrees]C for further analysis of cytokines.
Manufacturers have retained Lp(a) in LDL supernates to mimic the beta quantification LDL.
The remaining polymers were cleaned by dissolution of the polymer in THF, centrifugation of the solutions at 4000 rpm ([similar to] 2000 g force), and precipitation of the supernate solution into methanol, a non-solvent.
The acellular supernate from the first lavage (6 mL) was saved separately from the subsequent lavages for further analysis of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity and protein content.
prec] was calculated as the difference between the TC in serum and the supernate (non-LDL).
Supernate was decanted, and pelleted specimens were stored at 4 [degrees] C until subjected to five freeze-thaw cycles, followed by phenol-chloroform extraction to extract DNA.
coli MPN (most probable number) in 100 mL of the supernate was determined using the Colilert-18 system (IDEXX Laboratories, Westbrook, Maine); incubation temperature was 35[degrees]C.
R&D Systems has developed a multiplexed assay that simultaneously measures multiple cytokines in a single cell culture supernate sample.
Although the separation step was performed manually, the required equipment was readily available and cholesterol in the supernate could be easily measured by various automated analyzers.
We believe that controlling the entire process, from clone supernate as a source of raw material to finished reagent, will allow us to maintain the quality product and service for which Gamma is known.
The cholesterol concentration was measured in duplicate in the bottom fraction and in the HDL supernate prepared from the bottom fraction (to meet the requirements of the CDC comparison design) by the dextran sulfate [MT 50 000 method of Warnick et al.
After 10 min at room temperature, the mixture was centrifuged for 10 min at 15008; 50 [micro]L of the supernate was pipetted into a test tube, and 0.
The mixture was centrifuged, and an aliquot of the supernate (50 [micro]L) was applied to a disk of cotton fiber placed in a well of a second microtiter plate as described.