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Synonyms for supernal

being or coming from on high

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of heaven or the spirit

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20 from Ibn Kaspi ("Moses reached the pinnacle of human perfection, to the point where he ceased to be human and became an angel, and therefore no evil touched him") and Nahmanides ("[The individual protected by providence will be] as if considered one of the supernal host which are not included among the generated and corrupted beings, subject to the accidents of time") (my translations).
Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance can push aside the curtain and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond.
Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond.
It was written solely to get people to think more deeply about Christ's supernal role in the plan of happiness, how all life came to be, what we're here to become one day at a time.
15) In her opinion, the indeterminacy of the supernal world can only be represented by a more incorporeal substance that is capable of penetrating everywhere, such as "breath" or "light" which in Sirk's film has coalesced into the notion of electrical flow.
First, art constitutes a privileged arena for mediating between the different planes of existential desire in the novel, for dignifying the sexual and materializing the supernal.
One's compassion should extend to all creatures, and one should neither despise nor destroy them; for the Supernal Wisdom [divine wisdom that brings all existence into being] extends to all of creation--the "silent" or mineral level, plants, animals, and humans.
As a result, we can wait until nature finishes her supernal ripening process and offer to us tomatoes rich in flavor and texture.
Reassessing Hallam's reputation for supernal gifts, Blocksidge points out the disappointment of Hallam's disciplined, methodical father, the distinguished historian Henry Hallam, in his son's more mercurial habits and inability to buckle down to systematic study of mathematics and the classics.
The second, labeled SUPERNAL WATERS (Mei Marom), likewise envisaged several days of standoff-only preparation, a concurrent call-up of reserve forces for possible imminent commitment, and either a halt to standoff fires alone after forty-eight to seventy-two hours or a determined escalation to combined air-land operations aimed at decisively pushing Hezbollah's forces in southern Lebanon north of the Litani River.
18) According to this view, the more spiritual version of Torah than the version we have on earth, the supernal Torah in the heavenly realm of Atzilut (i.
Kawaluna selected her from the many possible younger legatees for the gift of her supernal powers.
The colour of the bogs was beautiful and the greenness of the green fields supernal.
141) I use "Torah" here in the manner of Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel, who distinguishes the supernal Torah and the Torah revealed at Sinai.
On the fourth day, they arrived in Safed, a stone city anchored on top of Mount Canaan, and he toured the old city's alleys where medieval mystics and scholars had experienced supernal visions and meditated on their past lives.