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a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods

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California added 34,800 jobs that month, mostly in retail, which would have included supermarket replacement workers.
Broadening competition in Argentina's supermarkets underscores the challenge that billionaire J.
The Tax Court determined that the intangible assets could not be attributed to MIC; Arnold never entered into a covenant not to compete (or any other agreement) with MIC by which any of Arnold's distribution agreements, his relationships with the supermarkets or his ice-cream expertise became property of MIC.
The proposed new Edwards supermarket and satellite retail stores will be located on the existing site, combined with the Arcadian Garden Center property, which is situated behind the current Edwards supermarket.
This report provides detailed data on the size and development of retail sales of individual product types through Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Hard-Discounters globally.
11 after union leaders and supermarket officials failed to resolve contract disputes over proposed cuts to pension plans and medical benefits.
Compare the presence of supermarket fuel retailers across 8 key European markets through penetration rates and site numbers.
Meanwhile, the federal mediator overseeing contract negotiations between the supermarkets and the UFCW announced another recess in talks.
Supermarket fuel retailers' promotions for private customers are closer to those of traditional fuel retailers
The study revealed that 45 percent of online respondents prefer doing grocery at Puregold, closely followed by 43 percent SM Supermarket.
11, after two months of contract negotiations between the supermarkets and the union failed.
A private network will help Pet Supermarket maintain a competitive edge, improve store efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience," said Greg Griffiths, vice president of marketing for New Edge Networks.
Leading Global Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Discounters - Company Benchmarking Analysis Report
Labor experts said supermarket officials will likely contend the contract is void.
BOSTON -- MobileLime([R]), the first company to turn the mobile phone into a marketing, loyalty and payment device, today announced that Chevy Chase Supermarket is the first merchant in the Washington DC metro area to offer its patrons rewards and instant savings linked to their cell phone with Mobile Rewards from MobileLime.