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a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods

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High-end supermarkets like Gelson's and Bristol Farms have become popular in the past several years, said Dave Heylen, spokesman for the California Grocers Association.
McDonald said that Supermarket Savvy, which is funded totally by subscriptions, is marketed through health professional journals, newsletters, catalogs, and meetings.
But if the company doesn't figure out a way to compete, it may increasingly get passed over on the supermarket shelf.
Following the acquisition of Haagen-Dazs by Pillsbury, Haagen-Dazs approached the Strassbergs about acquiring direct access to Arnold's relationships with the supermarkets and removing him as the middleman in the chain of distribution.
For many years it was the site of a Finest Supermarket, which was renamed Edwards Super Food Store in 1993.
According to a recent survey of shoppers in supermarkets that have banks, 62% rated supermarket banking as the most important service the supermarket offered.
The three supermarket companies involved did not return calls seeking comment this week.
Supermarket fuel retailers account for 35% of service stations in France, the highest penetration of any market.
According to union negotiators, Lockyer's investigation should compel supermarket officials to reconsider their stance.
Supermarket fuel retailers often have a similar product portfolio to traditional fuel retailers
The supermarkets will hire temporary replacements for the more than 8,000 Teamsters warehouse workers and truckers, but the unions say their efforts to cut the supply chain will still be effective.
Pet Supermarket, which currently uses dial-up telephone lines for running most store applications, initially will use its new scalable network for three-second card payment transactions, loyalty program, and real-time access to back office systems for remote maintenance.
Supermarket officials have declined to comment during the negotiations.
In addition to high operating costs, stress on energy conservation, and increasing awareness about food quality, the competition among supermarkets chains is the key factor driving growth in the commercial segment.
Negotiations between Southern California's three largest supermarket chains and the unions representing their employees continued into their second day Tuesday, with a federal mediator facilitating the talks.