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Synonyms for superlative

Synonyms for superlative

surpassing all others in quality

Synonyms for superlative

an exaggerated expression (usually of praise)

the highest level or degree attainable

the superlative form of an adjective or adverb

highest in quality

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Graduation Balloon Superlatives feature colorful floating balloons, which bring fun and whimsy to any occasion.
We are thrilled to add yet another superlative driving experience - the ML 63 AMG in our performance luxury SUV range for India .
One of the first to put real estate on the web in 1997, Superlative designs and builds beautiful, powerful websites with an easy-to-use editing platform used by agents and brokers from every major real estate franchiser in the U.
Mighty Mick Channon's Superlative runners always warrant respect.
Superlatives related to military service are fascinating and sometimes noteworthy: longest serving, oldest or most decorated, for instance.
Summary: Yet another example of Dubai's fixation with superlatives.
Ask follow-up questions to help jurors describe their superlative experiences in more detail.
By pairing the superlative with the enlarged letter, you slyly underscored the difference between populism and Pop.
Hatch's superlative problem explicates the problem of underdocumentation in the field.
The organization and content of this text make it a superlative reference.
How 1 wish that every doctor, every priest, bishop, and every adult could read that superlative interview.
Another one of those superlative collections of articles by top-rated baseball experts, this one by 18 of the ABCA gurus.
The Cardiff Bay project was launched in 1987 as a nationally important scheme with the specific objective of ``putting Cardiff on the international map as a superlative maritime city which will stand comparison with any such city in the world, thereby enhancing the image and economic well-being of Cardiff and Wales as a whole.
IBM's eServer line with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system provide customers a superlative combination of systems and service at an unbeatable total cost of ownership level.
Although the CPI as currently constructed does not account for the upper-level substitution possibilities available to consumers, indexes that do take account of such substitutions can be calculated; economists refer to them as superlative indexes because of their desirable properties.