superior vena cava

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receives blood from the head and arms and chest and empties into the right atrium of the heart


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Persistent left superior vena cava and mitral stenosis.
Sinus venosus atrial septal defect: repair with an intra superior vena cava baffle.
Chylothorax secondary to superior vena cava obstruction.
Dachman, "Systemic to pulmonary venous shunt in superior vena cava occlusion," Journal of Thoracic Imaging, vol.
Epithelioid haemangioendothelioma of the superior vena cava.
The whole course of the azygos vein from the level of the subcostal vein to the point of termination into the superior vena cava has been traced and cleaned.
Superior vena cava syndrome is a common complication of malignancy, especially in ca lung and lymphoma.
1) Interestingly, accessory hemiazygos vein has been reported to be used for placement of hemodialysis catheter in a patient with unusual anatomy of central venous system, including bilateral occlusion of brachocephalic veins and drainage of left internal jugular and subclavian veins directly into superior vena cava through an enlarged accessory hemiazygos vein.
Kanne Saccular superior vena cava aneurysm d incidentaldiagnosis by MDCT.
Concerning endovascular therapy for acute tumour-related obstruction of the superior vena cava using a self-expanding Nitinol stent:
ArrowVPS G4 is designed to track and pinpoint the exact location of the lower third of the superior vena cava and cavo-atrial junction, which is the ideal location for the tip of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC).
According to the company, the ARROW VPS Device uses the micro-Doppler ultrasound technology in combination with intravascular ECG and advanced algorithms to locate the exact location of the lower one third of the superior vena cava and cavo-atrial junction, the ideal location for the tip of a PICC.
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