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Synonyms for superintendent

Synonyms for superintendent

Synonyms for superintendent

a person who directs and manages an organization

a caretaker for an apartment house


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The Superintendent finished his examination of the room, and, making nothing of it, asked me who had first discovered the robbery.
Superintendent proved to be a little too sharp with Penelope at starting.
Superintendent next asked to see Miss Rachel herself.
Superintendent, who tried to speak to her, pale as death, and wrapped up strangely in her own thoughts, she left the room, and went down to her cousins on the terrace.
Superintendent once more attempted to question her.
I told the Superintendent it meant that Miss Rachel's temper was upset by the loss of her jewel.
This was foolish of me, I know; but I resolved to continue the work long enough to prove to the superintendent that I could do it without breaking down.
The king shall have them whenever he wishes," said the superintendent of finances, bowing.
Thank you, Monsieur Fouquet," said he, dismissing the superintendent civilly.
It is the prisoner," said the superintendent to him, "whom M.
Then there were yells and hoots, continuing until at last the superintendent came to the door.
Then one day late in August, a superintendent ran into the place and shouted to Jurgis and his gang to drop their work and come.
In the morning before Jurgis had finished his breakfast, "Pat" Murphy ordered him to one of the superintendents, who questioned him as to his experience in the work of the killing room.
It was the same with cattle that were gored and dying, or were limping with broken bones stuck through their flesh--they must be killed, even if brokers and buyers and superintendents had to take off their coats and help drive and cut and skin them.
Why, yes, yes, dinner, you know - just pot luck with us, with your old superintendent, you rascal," he uttered nervously, poking Martin in an attempt at jocular fellowship.
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