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infection that occurs while you are being treated for another infection

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Microbiological outcomes included microbiological eradication and superinfection (which was defined as requiring other antibiotics to target a new Gram-negative bacterial infection).
This work also showed that receptor masking by the EIAV surface protein, SU, is responsible for superinfection resistance (Brindley et al.
Toxin Profiling of Staphylococcus aureus Strains Involved in Varicella Superinfection.
No other signs of vasculitis were found in other organs; these findings suggest a case of viral alveolar haemorrhage with a superinfection due to Streptococcus pyogenes, which finally led to sepsis.
Studies have found that Candida superinfection rates were between 15% (13, 18) to 25% (19) after treatment with metronidazole.
It's not the type of pneumonia [caused by] complications of influenza that you see with typical seasonal flu, which is at the extremes of age and is often associated with secondary bacterial superinfection.
Prognostic factors fort he development of superinfection in febrile neutropenic cancer patients (abstract no 1695).
HIV superinfection, when a person acquires a second, new strain of HIV, may occur as often as initial HIV infection in the general population in Uganda, according to a recent study.
Hepatitis C virus superinfection in individuals with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.
Immune driven recombination and loss of control after HIV superinfection.
Superinfection is of particular interest to vaccine studies because it shows that HIV infection does not confer any general immune protection to infection with other HIV viruses, although some studies have shown that some people develop a degree of immunity to their partner's specific virus.
True (A) or false (B)--click on the correct answer: MRSA superinfection is a common complication of chronic genital ulcer disease in HIV-infected men.
This way, the superinfection is blocked in the liver by the first infection.
There was a lot of discussion of superinfection at that time, which tended towards scare-mongering, but I was very well informed given my active participation within my clinic and felt that with an effective HAART regimen and some open and clear discussion, there was probably very little risk involved.