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Therefore, considering T1, T2 and T3, the following superimpositions were performed:
China and Its Two SARs: Institutional Superimposition III.
The lowest levels reached of the total of superimpositions on Antena3 are explained in that this station uses conventional ways for audience participation, therefore, included in the segment of spot.
Though their operation has been tragically obvious in an Ulster context, partisan superimpositions are a universal characteristic of Homo sapiens, rather than being a purely Irish failing.
As superimpositions multiply, so does our ability to stretch the envelope of normalcy to include such fantastic claims as "we bombed Iraq," "I carry life insurance," or "I own a lot of property.
For evaluating the match of the 3D and 2D facial images of the same person, the 3D facial image of each examinee was compared to the 2D facial image ten times, yielding 250 superimpositions.
Its superimpositions wouldn't convince anybody anymore.
These metaphorical superimpositions can be quite convincing.
There is a magic lantern tableau, human statues, superimpositions three layers deep, mismatched cuts and high-wire lighting schemes, among many other, densely packed visual motifs.
And, every time visitors wander along any of the corridors to the lifts or the loos, an extra dimension is added by the new sequences of superimpositions that occur as they move between the two wall planes, momentarily separating reflections of the museum from the red and gold background as they pass.
Melies immediately recognized the value of such camera tricks and consequently began to explore "special effects" His use of trick photography, staged settings, superimpositions, fading dissolves, slow and fast motion, miniatures, and fictional (often fantastic) stories revolutionized the making of films.
Requests for superimpositions and facial reproductions should be sent to:
Apart from modularity, a big advantage can be achieved if superimpositions can be described in a generic way (i.
Create optical lists for chroma and luma keys, superimpositions and titles, so all the work done in offline editing can be represented in a cut list.