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place on top of

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When we think "I am angry" or "this is mine," we superimpose states of mind (not-Sell) on the Self.
Choreographer Mitch Kirsch, despite concocting some interesting phrases with whipping attitude turns, tried to superimpose pedestrian conversation and gestures on the work without success.
The software can superimpose the curves of the two variables or of a standard and current actual curve for a single variable.
Just as there is a column on axis with the entrance from the mall, so there are columns in front of the two entrances, repeating the denial of the axes and helping to superimpose the triangle within the circle.
As with the all versions of ChyTV, ChyAlert-2CH has the ability to squeeze back the external video source and position the information around a video window, superimpose the graphics over full screen video or provide full screen video messages.