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place on top of

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Yet, in our ignorance, we superimpose a non-existent Self on the body, feelings, states of mind, and mental contents.
As with the all versions of ChyTV, ChyAlert-2CH has the ability to squeeze back the external video source and position the information around a video window, superimpose the graphics over full screen video or provide full screen video messages.
Based on an informal phone poll, the options would be to superimpose the city's oak tree logo over the curtain; superimpose the theater's muse logo; or replace the sculpture with a mural depicting the city's bucolic hillsides.
Other paintings superimpose country and city views onto more horizonless skies, water, and close-up nature studies.
This animation zooms into an image of the Milky Way, shown in visible light, and superimposes a gamma-ray map of the galactic center from NASA's Fermi.