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Synonyms for superhuman

Synonyms for superhuman

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Antonyms for superhuman

above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance


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Buffy is not only self-assertive and superhumanly powerful, but also balances family and career without being a bedsit pin-up or an isolated career woman.
Expanding beyond Alan Moore's seminal superheroes-as-fascists book, Watchmen, Ellis' story is a reminder that even under the cover of grooviness, power corrupts and superhuman power corrupts superhumanly.
On mattes he considered essential, he considered essential, he was no pushover; he was described by Isherwood as "immensely, superhumanly strong.
Genetic engineering has also crafted the ultimate Assassins, superhumanly fast, strong, psychically enhanced--and bred to be vampiric, ensuring their passion for their work through a relentless craving for blood.
He was Victorian in every other way, too: earnest; superhumanly energetic; passionately engaged with every social, religious, and scientific controversy of his time; sure (as we have already seen) of the invincible superiority of the English over every other people; and slightly weird.
The hardcore, the long-suffering, the superhumanly patient fans, they don't need a marketing campaign.
Like Burton, he is superhumanly brilliant, dedicated but emotionally frigid.
Because of the requirement of transcending the mediocre, he must prove himself by exceptional acts, and the most perfect examples of heroes are to be found in legendary or mythical personages who represent in a superhumanly exaggerated way the things the group admires most.
Edouard Lock's Amelia--with an expansive wooden floor that slopes up at the edges to become four walls--shows women on pointe spinning superhumanly fast.
But it is this very division into deeply fallible and superhumanly perfect halves that incites the interlocutors to reconsider the value and believability of such stories of "Admirablenes," with the Chief usefully separating the account "of sinners Conversion wrought by meanes of Saints" from the narrative "of saints perfection encreased by meanes of sinners" (Sharland, 202).
A ban on such discussion assumes that jurors are superhumanly capable of suspending all judgment for days or weeks and that conversation can only contaminate their faculties.
Christianity, perhaps, has more to do with being redemptively human than with being superhumanly spiritual.
If New York (NX) wanted a story as soon as superhumanly possible about a madman going off in Saratoga and killing six people, according to Rox (AP in Rockefeller Center), why did they make me spend time translating?
Following the starship disaster, Grimm was transformed into an orange-coloured, thick-skinned, heavily muscled, and superhumanly strong "thing".
And Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), whose transmutation into a rock-like, superhumanly strong creature, led him to be called The Thing.