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Synonyms for superhuman

Synonyms for superhuman

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Antonyms for superhuman

above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance


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Bane is superhumanly powerful, and not only beat up Batman but ripped his mask off, broke his back and threw him into a pit.
Superhumanly capable performers, however, are inspiring and dangerous: we, as composers, can still easily succumb to their endless offer of instrumental techniques.
He's a decent man, superhumanly dedicated to work - I've never known anybody work so hard, and brilliant, but flawed and fundamentally insecure in himself I think and as a politician.
Two miles away along a muddy, rutted path up to the pit entrance, rescue workers, emergency staff and police - who had all toiled superhumanly through day, night and another day - were bereft.
Superhumanly perfect: That was the tradition that had evolved.
Despite that reserve that often formed part of his public persona, Anthony had a warm relationship with the ebullient (and superhumanly loud) townspeople of Frigiliana.
Outside, a superhumanly drunk vagrant pounds a beer he finds in his inside coat pocket, then spits it all up in the gutter.
Buffy is not only self-assertive and superhumanly powerful, but also balances family and career without being a bedsit pin-up or an isolated career woman.
Expanding beyond Alan Moore's seminal superheroes-as-fascists book, Watchmen, Ellis' story is a reminder that even under the cover of grooviness, power corrupts and superhuman power corrupts superhumanly.
On mattes he considered essential, he considered essential, he was no pushover; he was described by Isherwood as "immensely, superhumanly strong.
The universe is expanding superhumanly outward, and following the rule of entropy, most everything is collapsing in its wake.
Genetic engineering has also crafted the ultimate Assassins, superhumanly fast, strong, psychically enhanced--and bred to be vampiric, ensuring their passion for their work through a relentless craving for blood.
In addition, his perception is superhumanly intense: "el presente era casi intolerable de tan rico y tan nitido, y tambien las memorias mas antiguas y mas triviales.
He was Victorian in every other way, too: earnest; superhumanly energetic; passionately engaged with every social, religious, and scientific controversy of his time; sure (as we have already seen) of the invincible superiority of the English over every other people; and slightly weird.
Their movements looked superhumanly limber in comparison with the rotational troops, who, encumbered by flak jackets and bulky inventories of equipment, strode the muddy avenue with hulking, labored gaits.