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the arch of hair above each eye

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22) Contigeris nostros, Caesar, si forte libellos, / terrarum dominum pone supercilium.
Its dark eyestripe, bright supercilium and dark edged crown made it look more like a red-eyed vireo than an old world warbler, but it was a stunning sight.
Giton makes his partner jealous only to be desired by him even more intensely; by being admired he will obtain virtually everything (postquam se amari sensit, supercilium altius sustulit; 91,7).
Solebam in adversaria regerere si qua mihi inter profitendum interpretatio excidisset quae paulo iucundiorem ex humanitatis studiis originem traheret, ne scilicet tetricae istius severaeque legalis disciplinae supercilium imminuerem et, quod proverbio dicitur, congregare cum leonibus vulpes viderer.
A medium-sized emberizid finch with chestnut crown, ochre supercilium, black mask, and green-olive back; white throat separated from white-and-gray belly by black, crescent-shaped collar.
The plumage and morphology were similar to an adult (mass = 950-1,150 g; del Hoyo 1994), but the bird was smaller with a duller supercilium than adult birds.