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with a sneer

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He superciliously rolls a cigarette between two millionaire fingers; his forehead is Nietzschean.
Eliot was keen to show what she considered a view of Jews from the upper classes (who superciliously referred to Mirah, the Jewish heroine, as a "little Jewess").
He thinks he still has the upper hand and makes this one benevolent gesture out of a luxurious excess of empowerment, superciliously aping his ex-wife's beseeching.
Another parallel that Xu points out in her analysis of The Book of Salt is that, in reality, Gertrude Stein and Tolkas were arrogant and condescending, just as are the fictional GertrudeStein and Tolkas, who act superciliously toward their Vietnamese cook.
Howarth, after rightly pointing out Stirling's originality in paying attention to the physical context in which pictures were displayed and perceived in Spain, and in studying the great Spanish sculptors, then mischievously dismisses him as a lecher in what was perceived as 'a country of lust, violence and hypocrisy'; and goes on superciliously to characterise him as merely a pedant whose volumes were 'a compendium of potted biographies of Spanish artists, significant and obscure'.
They stated that the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) has already "dismissed nearly 350 [phony] NGOs," but then superciliously admonish that "NACO must clean up phony NGOs in India" (1).
Superciliously sitting atop Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs.
When the Iron Lady was privatising the public utilities back in the 1980s - what Harold Macmillan described as "selling the family silver" - I stood superciliously aloof, refusing to listen to anything Sid was telling me.
Just so that I'd know what people were talking about in work even though I would be superciliously not watching this year.
he said to me as I twiddled my thumbs a touch superciliously on the sidelines, "ride that one.
Medical school faculty often sneer superciliously at local physicians who miss the obscure diagnoses that the learned professors make in their medical Meccas.
I would snort superciliously every time I caught a second or so of those ever popular cheap cartoons from Japan or American or wherever it is that fit-looking supernatural forces of good are constantly defeating ugly forces of evil at teatime.
And how the 'experts' raise their eyebrows and sniff superciliously when they hear that.