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  • verb

Synonyms for supercharge

increase or raise


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increase the pressure on a gas or liquid

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Specifically engineered for airport ground support equipment, neighborhood electric vehicle operations, and marine and transit applications, the exclusively patented eTec SuperCharge system is based on advanced algorithms that allow faster charging with less heat generation and longer battery life than any other fast charge system available.
com today announced the iVillage Total Health Supercharge Change for Better Health Community Challenge: http://yourtotalhealth.
Imperial Technology has over twenty years experience delivering high-performance storage solutions that shatter I/O bottlenecks and supercharge performance.
These results are evidence to why leading Thunderstone customers like eBay have come to rely upon Imperial Technology's solid state accelerators to supercharge their databases.
with offices in the United Kingdom, Imperial Technology has more than a decade of experience designing and manufacturing high-performance storage systems that shatter I/O bottlenecks to supercharge traditional storage.
When used in conjunction with conventional storage hardware, MegaRam appliances supercharge storage systems by eliminating the mechanical constraints of reading and writing to rotating disks.