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But his eyes were strong, and they were backed by a body superbly strong.
My Lord smiles superbly, and presses a second loan on her.
They were well uniformed and superbly armed, and they fought bravely and under perfect discipline.
She was superbly dressed after the newest and the most costly Parisian design.
Notwithstanding the importance of the challenge, on the 19th of May he received a sealed packet containing the following superbly laconic reply:
And my answer, as you have already guessed, was the face of Raffles himself, superbly disguised (but less superbly than his voice), and yet so thinly that I should have known him in a trice had I not been too miserable in the beginning to give him a second glance.
He surprised me inexpressibly by declaring that my sister's foreign husband was dressed superbly, and looked the picture of prosperity.
Slumkey--that Slumkey whom we, long before he gained his present noble and exalted position, predicted would one day be, as he now is, at once his country's brightest honour, and her proudest boast: alike her bold defender and her honest pride-- our reptile contemporary, we say, has made himself merry, at the expense of a superbly embossed plated coal-scuttle, which has been presented to that glorious man by his enraptured constituents, and towards the purchase of which, the nameless wretch insinuates, the Honourable Mr.
If racing really wants to be seen as treating its horses superbly, stop beating them.
CZECH boss Michal Bilek piled praise on keeper Petr Cech for superbly defying Montenegro as his side took a huge step towards qualification with a 2-0 first-leg win.
His profound influence on artists of future generations also rested on his superbly executed landscapes and intimate portraits of family and friends.
Fundamental Physics" by Gerhard Cheshire is a superbly illustrated series of six 64-page books written with an 8th grade reading level vocabulary that introduces basic concepts of physics to students in grades 7 to 12.
Deer In My Garden: Perennials & Subshrubs" is a superbly presented and profusely illustrated introduction for the novice gardener and a welcome reference for the experienced horticulturalist covering more than 100 species of garden plants.
Comprising a concise, visually informative, superbly executive photographic atlas complete with map-style scale measurements indicators, a street index, points of interest index that serves as an easily accessible landmark locater, Terra Atlas offers readers a "user-friendly" visual guide from an overhead perspective.
Song Of The Crow carries readers through an incredibly engaging and superbly crafted story of struggle, fear, free will, the inner workings of the human mind, and the obedience of an old gray haired man to the commandment of his God despite the ridicule and disbelief of his community.