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Upright, his red beard forward, his forehead thrown back, his eyes on the thick foliage of the cherry-trees, his hands on his haunches, in an attitude of repose, easy, superb, he was like some youthful pagan god, gilded with red gold, on his way across the country--like Pan, if he chose to amuse himself by charming birds.
Madam," said the Superb High Chairman, "we have no objection to visitors if they will pledge themselves not to publish anything they hear.
In both his life and his poetry his visionary reforming zeal and his superb lyric instinct are inextricably intertwined.
The particulars of Becky's costume were in the newspapers--feathers, lappets, superb diamonds, and all the rest.
All day long he was running towers up, taking towers down, adding a wing here, putting on a battlement there, looking to the walls, strengthening the defences, giving ornamental touches to the interior, making in all respects a superb castle of it.
For example, these ravishing ear-rings and this necklace so superb to correspond, were what one called a love- gift.
Neither the Saone nor the Rhone sped with the swiftness of that peerless building; nor was the Mediterranean deeper than its foundations; nor were the distant landscapes on the Cornice road, nor the hills and bay of Genoa the Superb, more beautiful.
A BMW 3 Series or a Jaguar XE is never going to be able to oer as much space inside as a Skoda Superb, so if you need something cut from more generous cloth, consider the Skoda .
And this is no facelift - Skoda's brilliant Superb is all new.
Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is launching its all-new Superb at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.
The exterior and interior of the Superb Estate I drove, as well as the hatchback model, were recently revised and upgraded.
It is the fourth time the Superb has TAKEN the title which it last won in 2011.
A sharper look, extra technology and more efficient engines are all part of the package for the facelifted Superb, which is due to hit the road this summer.
The Superb was introduced in 2002, updated with the clever twin-tail hatchback in 2008 and has now been joined by the estate version, which beats both the Volvo V70 and Ford Mondeo in carrying capacity with the seats up and down respectively.
ROOMY: The Skoda Superb estate offers huge carrying capacity